13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications. The regular deadline is on February 4th, 2020.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Call to Action

This award honors the best use of a call to action in a social media marketing campaign.

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The Holland Tunnel connects The Big Apple to the rest of the world, serving nearly 14 million drivers annually. A gigantic glowing sign sits above the entrance to the tunnel, proudly greeting each and every commuter on their way into the city.In what has become an annual tradition, New York City officials placed holiday decorations, a Christmas tr…
AT&T Hello Lab Presents "The Bright Fight"
It's easy to see why, for some, the world is feeling like a pretty dark place. With more information available than ever before, it's hard to understand how we as individuals can make a difference.We wanted to remind young consumers of their power to make a difference by educating and enabling action. All with the help of products and services by …
Smirnoff Equalizer
As a global brand, Smirnoff is challenged to remain relevant and equitable on a global scale. As a result, the brand takes on global initiatives that align to its core purpose of inclusivity – the belief that Smirnoff can use the power of good times to make the world more inclusive.Often, at the heart of good times is music, which is why Smirnoff,…
As a society, we celebrate firsts - kiss, love, car.But, voting isn't one of them. If it was, then the 2014 midterms wouldn't have had the lowest turnout in 70 years, with only 17% of voters under 25. Since then, our political climate has dramatically changed, and over 15 million eligible voters have turned 18 since 2014. That's enough to rival th…
Impractical Jokers: Official Scoopski Potato Scooper Job Posting
The pantheon of TV comedy is filled nearly to the brim with hilarious catchphrases that live on in the hearts and minds (and poor impersonations) of fans well after their show's final episode: "Did I do that?" – Urkel, Family Matters. "Bazinga!" – Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory. "Kiss my grits!" – Flo, Alice. And, of course… "Scoopski potatoes!" – J…


We wanted to educate and inform our LGBTQIA+ community and everyone living with HIV about the ways in which the United States Courts are being weaponized against them, but most of all, to inform how they spoke to their peers, neighbors, and Senators about this. Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to SCOTUS was the convergence of these issues, and more.
Adobe D&D: The Terror Of Undermountain
Photoshop is so much more than photo manipulation. It's the most powerful tool in the world for designing original art of any kind. We needed to engage and inspire the Photoshop community to dream bigger and do more with Photoshop.
Close Before You Doze: Spreading the Word that Stops the Spread of Fire
Allison+Partners was brought on board by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) for the third year of its "Close Before You Doze" campaign for National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 7-13, 2018. UL FSRI is part of the nonprofit entity with UL, a leading global safety organization. "Close Before You Doze" is a vital public safety campaign that encou…
Girls Do Poop
It's society's dupe that girls don't poop. After all, it's only natural...Five years ago Poo~Pourri swung open the (stall) door and broke the barrier of talking crap with a viral video "Girls Don't Poop." In October 2018, we took a shift. A big shift. It was time to dump the shame and fully embrace that #GIRLSDOPOOP.With this campaign, we wanted to encourag…
Google Brand / Hiring & Employment
VIEW CASE STUDYTo open Google up to a brand-new array of qualified candidates who'd be ready to take Google to the next level of innovation, we had to find unique ways to make the application process less stressful and encourage people to apply for the jobs they've always wanted.
Hyatt Place and Hyatt House: You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now 2018
Modern business travelers often seek their personal and professional growth opportunities while far from home. These high-performance professionals are the core target of the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands.The majority of business travelers aim to be as productive when traveling as they are in the office. Where they stay is pivotal to meeting this need,…
Team Rubicon: Join Us
When disaster strikes, Team Rubicon strikes back.Here at Team Rubicon(TR), our goal is to recruit, train, and deploy veterans, first responders, and civilian volunteers to impacted areas with the greatest need following a natural disaster. Going into 2018 TR aimed to provide even greater relief for residents impacted by disasters while also creating more re…

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