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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Girls Do Poop

Winner in Brand Identity

Gold Honor in Consumer Brand

Entered in Call to Action


It's society's dupe that girls don't poop. After all, it's only natural...

Five years ago Poo~Pourri swung open the (stall) door and broke the barrier of talking crap with a viral video "Girls Don't Poop." In October 2018, we took a shift. A big shift. It was time to dump the shame and fully embrace that #GIRLSDOPOOP.

With this campaign, we wanted to encourage women to stop holding it in through a motivational spoken word performed by Andrea Gibson and open up the dialog amongst women to let that sh*t out with hysterical real-life poop stories - because you, we, us girls do poop.

The goal of this campaign was to break taboos, and to inspire women to let it out with their honest, funny, hilarious, crazy, unbelievable, liberating poop stories. After all Poo~Pourri is here to trap odors, not shame you of doing what's only natural.

Strategy and Execution

Our campaign was multi-faceted and supported in four EPIC ways.

  1. Our in-house production team worked to direct a scroll stopping & engaging campaign video led by a meaningful spoken word performed by celebrated artist, Andrea Gibson. We used this same magic sauce to produce hysterical and relatable content through six off-the-cuff video stories (from real women who really poop!). To support our videos, we created campaign images and were early adopters of branded IG stickers through Giphy.
  2. In partnership with Ketchum, we designed a multi-faceted influencer marketing strategy including content creation and promotion with macro-level (1M+ following) and micro-level (80K+ following) influencers – all openly talked crap!
  3. We incorporated quizzes and voting platforms via a microsite within our marketing efforts to further drive engagement.
  4. IRL experiences were important to bring the campaign full circle. We offered a limited-edition Own Your Sh*t Kit on which sold out! We also partnered with taboo-breaking & millennial-minded media partner, Betches, to take over their live U Up? Podcast recording incorporating a full campaign takeover – guests experienced our #GirlsDoPoop campaign through installations, videos, and had the entire audience talking crap.


This campaign successfully met our team's objectives and goals by earning over 43MM media impressions, 23MM social impressions (202% above anticipated), 86K engagements, 3.7% engagement rate (organic), and 97% of traffic came from new visitors.

We had an outpour of comments and shares on Instagram and Facebook, see below for some of our favorite real customer stories.

Within an hour of meeting my now husband I belched and farted. He was shocked and happy and asked me out right there. Men want us to be natural. – Charlotte, Facebook

I almost crapped on myself in high school because the fear of pooping in high school. That changed my whole mindset around because I refuse to have an accident like a child because people don't think its proper for women to do what's natural. If I need to go I'm gonna go. Hell I might even announce it to some people. – Amanda L., Facebook

I lived with my ex for 2 years. Didn't fart or poop with him in the house those entire 2 years. I'd wait for him to leave for work first. My husband pooped with the door open when we were dating (within a couple of weeks, mind you). His extreme comfort and bluntness about it all, got me over my fear. It only took 22 years, but he was the man to do it! Now there's no 'embarrassing' topics we don't talk about – Samantha, Facebook


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Scentsible LLC dba Poo~Pourri


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