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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Games

This award honors game makers and marketers who've tapped into social media in a creative way to effectively engage current gamers and grow their audience. Both online and mobile games and apps are eligible for this award.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter
Our objectives:- Increase brand awareness of and breathe new life into the Sonic the Hedgehog brand- Decrease negative sentiment and increase positive sentiment around the brandCompletely revamp Sonic the Hedgehog's social channels to be engaging and approachable- Increase engagement and followers without the use of paid media- Promote the 25th An…
Don't Download Best Fiends
It's becoming increasingly difficult for mobile brands to cut through and at Seriously, we challenge ourselves to be as creative in our marketing campaigns as we are in our game design, story, characters and world in our Best Fiends games. Our focus is not just on building successful Pixar quality mobile games, but in building an entertainment bra…
CSR2: Ultimate Racing Challenge
A global phenomenon, CSR is one of the top, racing mobile games on the market with over 190 million downloads to date. Building off the success of the first instalment, the campaign's objective was to drive excitement and awareness for the sequel, re-engage players of the original CSR game title, while acquiring new players and driving game instal…
Hasbro's Speak Out Game
When gamified Mouthpiece Challenge videos took the internet by storm in Spring 2016, Hasbro's Best-In-Class game creators knew they needed to work quickly to deliver to consumers everything they needed to play the challenge their friends and family in one box. The game had to be fun to play, fun to watch, and fun to share.
Head vs Heart Campaign Euro 2016 - Top Eleven
Top Eleven was already the most popular mobile soccer game in Europe. But the question was, how could we at Nordeus get an extra million players to play our game?Our management game, Top Eleven, is all about soccer and when a big tournament like Euro 2016 comes up, it's an incredible opportunity to raise the awareness of our brand.At the same time…