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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Financial Services

This award honors brands and organizations in the financial services industry who use social and digital media in the most effective and creative ways to create a positive and seamless experience for existing users and gain trust and loyalty from potential users. Banks, credit cards, money management and financial services are eligible for this award.

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There's been a sharp increase in consumer awareness and critique of brands' social responsibilities. Not only do consumers want great products and services, but they also expect corporations to be involved in their community and causes.This has become a key driver when choosing brands. Given comparable price and quality, 91% of global consumers are likely t…
Ally Bank - Discovering Retirement
Knowing that retirement is on the top of many boomers' minds, our primary goal was to create an emotional tie through relevant content, and do so among a demographic that is notoriously passive in the social space.Our secondary goal was to build bond and affinity among our affluent boomer demographic and any other demo that's planning for their retirement.
Android Pay Case
Millennials have almost no involvement when it comes to their payment card. It's something they do not care about, as long as it works.So when Google launched Android Pay, a technology that allows Android users to make contactless payments using their NFC-enabled smartphone at over a million retailers nationally, it was clear from the outset that we'd need …
Bloomberg LP Instagram
Provide insight on the pillars of Bloomberg LP -- beyond its reputation as the leader in financial data. Among these pillars are our philanthropic initiatives, our media presence, our culture and our high-level of fandom among Bloomberg users and "finance nerds" alike.
Influx Magazine - Doing Insurance Differently
Influx magazine has evolved from starting life as a hard copy customer magazine sent via direct mail and distributed at motor shows & other events. The digital platform launched in 2008 as a WordPress blog aimed to reach a wider readership. By early 2014, our client required guidance to boost the publication's growth and credibility amongst their customer b…
Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Big Game
In 2013, Intuit QuickBooks designed a program to empower small businesses and fuel their success while increasing brand awareness and positive brand sentiment. We launched Small Business Big Game, where one small business earned the opportunity of a lifetime: an all-expense-paid Super Bowl commercial. By putting a small business in an arena typically reserv…
SunHealth Quest
•With the aging of population, there's a rising demand on Health and Accident product (H&A). For Sun Life to tap into this customer segment, a product SunHealth Medical Care is launched in JUL 2015.•To differentiate Sun Life as a national health advocate, we plan to connect the customer experience on mobile platform in a fun way to create awareness and enga…
The MasterCard Digital & eCommerce Engine: A Revolutionary Convergence
Up until very recently, MasterCard, like its core competitors VISA and American Express, relied on an archaic advertising model to reach its end-consumers. In a B2B category with no access to data on the very consumers using their cards, credit card brands are forced into a traditional media solution borne of generic consumer truths in an effort to create a…