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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Genuine Human Goodness

Finalist in Financial Services


Simple is a tech company that's changing the way people bank. We focus on beautiful interfaces, transparent policies, modern technology, and extraordinary customer service to help people feel confident with their money. Simply put, we believe in doing the right thing—building products that empower our customers to save automatically, never charging fees (ever), shirking nonsensical legalese in favor of human language, and going the extra mile to appreciate our customers.

Genuine Human Goodness is what happens whenever the team Simple connects with our customers or our community. The empathy that drove us to rebuild banking (for the way people think rather than the way banks work) is apparent when customers call into customer support or use Goals to budget and save for what matters most to them. We then see that "goodness" shared out and reflected back to us via social media where the positive feedback loop starts again.

When it came time to plan for the 2015 holiday season, we wanted to build a campaign that would harness that positive energy and empower the Simple community to give to a charitable cause they care most about—Human Goodness Week.

Strategy and Execution

At a time of year when many brands are promoting consumerism or frivolous spending, we wanted to empower our customers to save for a charitable cause—any cause—that mattered to them.

Our aim was to make it as easy as possible for customers to take control of their charitable giving so our strategy was to meet them where they are. We announced the campaign on Simple's blog and launched Genuine Human Goodness from Monday, 11/23 through Monday, 11/30 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, encouraging our customers to set up a Goal for something they care most about.

To make it even easier, those social posts all had a "deep link"—meaning that customers could click and instantly set up a Goal in their account, name their own amount, and even add a memo about their Human Goodness Goal.

Simple lives online, but we are known for "real life" connections with our customers through hand-written notes, postcards from Portland, and care packages. In that same vein, our team wanted to design something special as a thank you to everyone who participated. We designed and developed limited edition, "Genuine Human Goodness" patches to send out along with "The Perfect Thank You Card" that was specially created for customers who set a Goal. As always, these were designed entirely in-house by Simple, for Simple customers.


At the end of Human Goodness Week, nearly 300 individual Goals had been created with customers planning to save just over half a million dollars for causes that they care about.

Total mentions on Twitter increased by 95% during Human Goodness Week. Retweets increased 160% and total Twitter engagement increased by 89%.

Positive sentiment increased by 5% on Twitter and 31% on Facebook from the previous weeks as customers responded to Human Goodness.

You can see some of our favorite responses to the campaign in the Media section below.


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