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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Influx Magazine - Doing Insurance Differently

Entered in Financial Services


Influx magazine has evolved from starting life as a hard copy customer magazine sent via direct mail and distributed at motor shows & other events. The digital platform launched in 2008 as a WordPress blog aimed to reach a wider readership. By early 2014, our client required guidance to boost the publication's growth and credibility amongst their customer base. Client requirements demanded the continual positioning as a non standard insurance broker who offer a go-to destination for keen motorists. Analysis of the customer base, previous marketing, PR and advertising campaigns led to the creation of a solution to improve Influx's offering.

To The End suggested the use of video content to reignite the publication and aid growth across social media platforms. In order to accommodate new content the site was updated to a more customisable version plus the site responsiveness has improved UX for mobile users. A collective effort to engage through social platforms was planned to raise awareness and drive traffic to the site. Adrian Flux is a respected name amongst motoring enthusiasts, this status needed to be maintained building on existing authority.

The objectives were as follows:

Strategy and Execution

In order to captivate a customer audience of motoring experts we commissioned editor Michael Fordham plus additional specialist journalists to provide written content ensuring consistency. The sourcing of relevant celebrity columnists such as Billy Bragg and Tai Woffinden was designed to build credibility and diversify content.

A video content strategy was developed putting the spotlight on elements of automotive culture. The key to this strategy was producing a monthly video centrepiece surrounded by staggered thematic content exploring each subject in full. Offering a full content package focussing on niche automotive areas provides an invaluable tool to promote via social channels and email campaigns. The idea is that these monthly campaigns would leverage and promote this unique value proposition to our audiences.

The content strategy would create strong social sharing opportunities designed to drive social interaction and also encourage audience feedback. This would influence the future direction of content planning. The timely and specialist social media updates would be shared via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, YouTube being pivotal to monthly video centrepiece.

Embarking on the sharing of this content via social channels would require continual testing as it was a new initiative. Here are some of the variables which we planned to monitor:

Time allocation to Twitter inparticular working on follower growth, consideration towards how to attract followers, setting up of lists, tweet interaction and having a selective approach to those users @InfluxMag should follow. Our main social media focus was Twitter due our belief that this would be the easiest method of generating organic growth as interaction is easier amongst users, and pages are easier to find.

Generating strong content and reaching out to audiences across social media will drive further traffic to the publication. In order to retain interest, a key part of this project was to ensure that UX was improved vs. what had previously been offered to visitors. A key part of this would be to make the site responsive, aiding the site journey for mobile users. We also aimed to update the website from a flat template and separating content into four categories so users can access relevant articles with ease. Ensuring logical links between pages needed to be implemented again improving user journey.


Total Views across ALL editions: 372,573

Twitter Followers 2015

January: 10,078

October: 12,956

Increase: 2,878

Facebook Likes 2015

January: 1,219

October: 1,835

Increase: 616

Organic Facebook Interactions 2015

January: 889

October: 3,453

Increase: 2,564

Average Organic Reach 2015

13 x 2014 figures

Average social authority vs. competitors

Performance Direct 9.4

Aviva 10.5

MCE 11.6

Carole Nash 11.6

Swinton 12.9

Hastings 13.5

Alan Boswell 17.2

Influx 20.1

Social pageviews to Influx site October 14 vs October 15


Oct 15: 1,366 Oct 14: 1013 = 34.8% increase


Oct 15: 460 vs. Oct 14: 170 = 171% increase

Newsletter Subscriber Increase 2015

January: 84,373

October: 290,183

Increase: 205,810


Mobile Usability Improvements

H1 2015 vs H1 2014

October 2014 vs. October 2015

Sessions: Increased 56.7% (17,691 vs. 11,289)

New Users: Increased 65.1% (15,839 vs. 9,589)

Bounce Rate: Improved 93.25% (4.88% vs. 72.31%)


Video for Influx Magazine - Doing Insurance Differently

Entrant Company / Organization Name

To The End, Adrian Flux Insurance Services


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