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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Emojis

This award honors those most effective and creative use of emojis by a brand, agency or organization. This could be a one off response to a news event or cultural phenomenon or part of a larger marketing campaign strategy.


Jordan Brand, Emoji Battle
To be the most culturally relevant brand on social, including knowing when to enter conversations.
#GiveAShit by WaterAid
The world has a shit problem. One in 10 people in the world today does not have access to a safe, sanitary toilet. When people poop in the open, disease spreads, women and girls are harassed, and kids get sick, causing over 300,000 deaths each year. WaterAid and The Pub joined forces to raise awareness and inspire thousands of people people to t…
2015 “MTV Video Music Awards”: #VMA Moonman Emoji
The "MTV Video Music Awards" have a long-standing history for multi-platform digital innovation, owed largely to MTV's commitment to reinvent the VMA experience year after year, ensuring the network's connected fans have access to the biggest, freshest, and most cutting-edge activations on multiple devices. In 2015, MTV worked with world-renowned …
Best Use of Emojis: FX Emoji App
In the height of the "emojification" of language, FX Networks literally added its brand to the conversation by creating the first network-wide emoji app, FX Emoji. With custom keyboards featuring both static and animated icons from FX hit series, the goal is to give fans a free and convenient way to express themselves using imagery from the shows …
Emoji Passcode
We invented and launched the world's first emoji-only passcode for our client, which is easier to remember and mathematically more secure than traditional passcodes.Emoji Passcode got the whole world talking. Within five days of launch, we secured over 850 items of media coverage across 150 countries and 15,000 social shares.Objectives:1. Raise aw…
Emoji Turns Real
Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish charity organisation that fights poverty and starvation in eastern Africa through tree planting. Like charity organisations all over the world they collect money through text donations. The problem is that people need to text complicated SMS codes to make donations.
Holy Popemoji!
The Catholic Church wanted to connect with Millennials, the largest generation alive and those most apt to have abandoned any official church affiliation. Unlike the serious nature of typical Church communications and doctrine, Popemoji were developed to capitalize on its magnetic leader and open people's minds to a new, digitally savvy Church. Th…


As Told By Emoji Series
To tell Disney stories through a digital lens.
Burger King Chicken Fries Emoji Campaign
In March of 2015, Burger King reintroduced Chicken Fries in response to outcry in social media about the product's removal from the menu. The objective was to drive awareness among Generation-Z and Millennial audiences about the return of the beloved Chicken Fries product.
Dove Hair Love Your Curls Emoji Keyboard
With the launch of #LoveYourCurls at the start of 2015, Dove Hair shined a light on an underrepresented problem: Women and girls with curly hair often feel less confident than their straight-haired counterparts. Dove Hair then ignited a social dialogue to celebrate curls. Women took to social media en masse, sharing their journeys to curl love, and sparking…
Emoji Science
VaynerMedia's challenge was to build a social media program that simplified science subjects key to GE's technology innovation story, including the Industrial Internet, the Energy Mix, neuroscience and healthcare, lighting, and materials science. Our goal was to position GE as an accessible and relevant thought leader for millennials aspiring to change the …
GoT Bitmoji
To drive anticipation for the fifth season of Game of Thrones and maintain it's status in the cultural zeitgeist HBO joined forces with the popular smartphone keyboard, BitStrips to bring Game of Thrones to everyday messaging conversation.
Goldman Sachs Millennials Emoji Tweets
Re-enforce Goldman Sachs' position as a prominent thought leader on the social and demographic trends shaping economics and markets by promoting an infographic and video content package on how millennials are re-shaping the economy. Additionally, we wanted to reach new audiences, specifically millennials, and other groups who are typically interested in de…
HBO NOW Emojifies a Rocky Horror Midnight “Streaming”
To retain and attract new subscribers, HBO NOW, the standalone streaming service from HBO, regularly showcases the breadth of programming available each month. In October, as part of the month-long #laughNOW comedy activation celebrating the myriad comedy programs available," the HBO NOW digital and social media team closed out the month with an activati…
I Am A Witness Emoji
Eighty eight percent of teens who use social media report witnessing others being mean or cruel on social networking sites. There are a lot of anti-bullying efforts speaking to bullies and victims, but one key audience is rarely targeted: the witnesses. Ad Council's "I Am A Witness" campaign activates the "silent majority" of teens who witness bullying eac…
IKEA Germany EMÖJI Calendar
The IKEA Christmas calendar is quite famous in Germany. In 2015 more than 150,000 had already been sold by early November. But Germany didn't know that there is such a thing as an online customizable IKEA Christmas calendar tool. Where you could order a personalized IKEA Christmas calendar by uploading your own JPG.
MasterCard World Emoji Day
While in years past, July 17th was like any other day of the year, 2014 marked the inaugural annual celebration of #WorldEmojiDay.Hot off the success of the first celebration, 2015 marked another opportunity for the world to promote the use of emoji and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us.Our goal was to join the conversation in a…
Real Housewives Stickermojis
The Real Housewives Stickermojis App, currently live in the app store, was created as part of Bravo's ongoing effort to offer the network's superfans, many of whom follow several of the brand's Real Housewives franchises, new, exciting, and innovative ways to engage with its brand, shows, and talent outside of simply watching the network on-air. At the time…
Trolli’s TrolliMojis
As Gen Z moves more toward closed conversations with friends on messaging apps, traditional social channels are losing ground. To combat losing traction with this important audience for Trolli, it became clear that we needed to find a way to enter these closed conversations in an authentic, useful and meaningful way in order to stay top of mind with our ta…
Teens are constantly bombarded by negative influences and social media exasperates the problem. By age 16, 70% of teens have already seen photos of illegal substances/peer pressure online. WeGotYou was a campaign that helped ATI talk to teens about these issues in a way that made them feel empowered, not judged, by speaking to them in their language. It was…
Workaholics Emoji and Gif Keyboard
Why communicate with words when you can just use emojis from Comedy Central's hit stoner sitcom Workaholics? This was the implicit question behind our Workaholics emoji and GIF keyboard, and we were banking on the show's huge fan base picking up what we were putting down. By incorporating the show's key characters into the way viewers communicated, we aimed…