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From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Public Service Announcement

This award honors the most creative and effective public service announcement run across any platform.


NO MORE PSA Campaign: Ending the Silence Around Male Sexual Abuse
Joyful Heart's ground-breaking, celebrity-driven NO MORE PSA campaign calls on society to end the silence and inaction around sexual assault and domestic violence.In 2016, we built on its success to address the myths and excuses surrounding male sexual abuse.Male survivors are met with persistent and harmful responses. The campaign addresses these…
#ActinParis: The First Virtual Reality Climate Change PSA
Looking to draw attention to and drive engagement for "Act in Paris," Sierra Club's international climate campaign on the road to 2020, Sierra Club partnered with RYOT Media & Environmental Media Association to create a PSA campaign that shed light on international climate issues set to be discussed in Paris at the United Nations Climate Change Co…
The new 10 ten dollar bill was intended to celebrate women's equality in the United States. The problem is women in America are still far from equal as they're paid much less for the same work as man. Seeing an opportunity to hijack the conversation, the AAUW submitted their own redesign within a few days of the announcement. One that represented …
'Witness the Power of Story'
"Anytime you turn on the news, you see young, African-American men being led away in handcuffs." – Vanache Nnadi, on the BET PSA in this campaign.In November 2015, Viacom launched the "Witness the Power of Story" campaign in partnership with WITNESS, the global human rights organization co-founded by musician and activist Peter Gabriel, to inspire…
953k, Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying
MusEffect is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a dialogue on social issues through performance, while enriching and empowering a full range of audiences. MusEffect explores topics relevant to today's society with a purpose to ignite personal initiative and encourage healing.To experience the MusEffect is to feel the synergy between …
@SummerBreak's "It Can Wait"
Texting while driving is a major safety issue and legislation prohibiting cell phone usage while driving has not been an effective solution. Text-related car accidents have risen over the past few years, and this is a particular concern for young drivers. Teens are the most at risk for texting behind the wheel, with studies showing it may be even …
Adopt a Life Partner
The Ashley Madison leak grabbed headline as people collectively laughed about cheaters "getting what they deserved." But instead of joining in the negativity, we wanted to use the publicity for a positive cause – and get all the newly single people to find a better life partner, and adopt a rescue dog.
I Am Me
McGill University approached us to create a video based on a series of monologues and poems written and recorded by students affected with mental health issues. We collaborated with the Toronto-based artist Jon Todd to paint a portrait of the student with visual elements to colour her monologue. The goal of the video is to do our part to spread me…
Reading Is Fundamental READ PSA
Reading Is Fundamental is the nation's largest children's literacy organization. Our mission is to empower children to become good readers by providing access to free, high-quality books to children to need them most. On June 13, 2016, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) launched a new PSA called READ. The goal of the campaign was to inspire young childr…
SAVE THE FOOD: Change The Way You Think About Food
40% of food produced in America is wasted, and the problem is, most Americans don't know it. The primary goal of this film was to raise awareness about food waste in the U.S.40% of food produced in America is wasted, and the problem is, most Americans don't know it. The primary goal of this film was to raise awareness about food waste in the U.S.
Texting vs Drinking
In spite of countless PSAs and scare-tactic ads, texting & driving activity continues to increase. People all know it is dangerous, but everyday they do it anyway.The Brief: Give people a new way to think about the danger of texting & driving.
The Art Heist For Good
The Art Heist For Good is a project that set out on a mission to take some of this art, sell it to the highest bidder and use the money to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to the people of Kibera who desperately needed it.
What It's Like for Dogs Left in Hot Cars, with NFL's Tyrann Mathieu for PETA
We've all come across a dog waiting in a car while their parent shops in a store. Usually the windows are cracked just a tiny bit, and the dog is barking as we walk by. Unfortunately, many passersby are unaware of the potentially fatal dangers of leaving a dog like this. Especially if it's a warm day. On a mild 78ºF day with windows partially roll…


In a perfect world, impaired driving wouldn't exist.In an effort led by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, more than 30 traffic safety and health advocacy organizations joined together to launch a new initiative to end impaired driving. The resulting public service announcement, released in both English and Spanish, is titled #EndImpairedD…
HBO/GOT IRC: Rescue Has No Boundaries
HBO's objective was to help IRC raise support and awareness of the refugee crisis happening in Europe. The goal was to draw attention with a special call to action that specifically spoke to the plight of the women and children of the crisis, who are particularly vulnerable to death, sexual and physical assault, and human trafficking. Stand With US to help …
Stop Hunger. Start Peace.
Amidst a humanitarian crisis that has created the most refugees since WWII, "Stop Hunger. Start Peace." brought together a dozen companies across industries on Peace Day to highlight the vital role of food assistance in creating a more peaceful world. The project benefited the World Food Programme and consisted of a TV ad in 38 countries and social media ac…
Volunteer New York! Asks Kids About #GivingTuesday PSA
The objective of this piece was to raise the prominence and understanding in our local community about Giving Tuesday. The video we are submitting was used to encourage participation and increase donations on this day of giving. Our goal was to create a really simple, but universal message that cut through traditional fundraising rhetoric and focused on the…

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