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From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

953k, Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying

Finalist in PSA

About this entry

MusEffect is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a dialogue on social issues through performance, while enriching and empowering a full range of audiences. MusEffect explores topics relevant to today's society with a purpose to ignite personal initiative and encourage healing.

To experience the MusEffect is to feel the synergy between art, intellect and intention. These three principles, woven together, cultivate positive and permanent changes that elevate the quality of life amongst our participants.

Combining entertaining dance movement, enchanting videography with a strong social message has been key to connecting with audiences of all ages and walks of life. MusEffect's work sparks contagious fires in individuals across the globe on a daily basis. It is this 501c3's objective to use their method of raising social awareness to empower audiences to begin taking action within their own communities leading to a greater sense of personal social responsibility and change.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

MusEffect found that the challenge of the topic of cyberbullying lies within today's generational gap. Since parents, teachers and mentors did not experience the repercussions of cyberbullying in their childhood, it is often ignored and underestimated amongst today's youth. Millennials place every ounce of acceptance and self-worth on interaction with their peers on social media.

The soul purpose of 953K was for the online video to act as a vehicle to bridge the generational gap, initiate conversation and encourage compassion from both parties. One of the most difficult parts of discussing something as serious as bullying is simply the initiation of it...how do you bring it up? Our Public Service Announcement is easy to start watching simply because it combines elements that are mostly commonly enjoyed in today's pop culture, dance, poetry and film. For most people, they don't fully comprehend the social aspect of the message until the film is done. Then they can fully recognize the social message that resonates beyond age and life experience, but brings it down to a common life experience that we can all relate to.

When MusEffect initially developed this PSA we released it just in time for Bullying awareness month, October. This was a strong component of it's viral success from the start, but within a few days the video had taken on a life of its own and spread like wildfire. When the 501c3 began understanding the impact it was having on viewers MusEffect took immediate action teaming up with other organization that had like goals, such as Boo2Bullying and Stomp out Bullying to enhance the message and ensure the PSA got out to those who needed it most.

Two years later MusEffect still receives feedback on 953k, Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying daily. After seeing the impact and empowerment the message provided audiences MusEffect has moved out to develop into a live stage show piece, that we perform at several live school shows and theatre venues. The 501c3 company actively seeks out community service work to find ways to directly give back to those being effected by cyberbullying within their own home of Southern California. There is no end goal, no finish line and no way to gage success besides MusEffect hearing stories of compassion and seeing today's youth stand up and make a difference themselves. MusEffect's work will never be done, but it is the increased awareness of cyberbullying that will continue to inspire the passionate work of social intentioned art through PSAs such as 953k.


What generates over half a million views on YouTube, 3,037 Likes on Facebook, 2,212 Facebook Shares and 1,105 Tweets in 2 and a half weeks? A PSA that is touching on a subject whose pain is all too familiar in today's society. LA based non-profit dance company MusEffect created their PSA 953K with the intention of raising awareness for cyberbullying, what followed was incredible. The PSA spread like wildfire and generated hundreds of heartfelt responses and stories of private, personal suffering in only a few short weeks.

While MusEffect is thrilled that our PSA has been viewed in 25 countries, educational systems throughout the world and in more living rooms than we can count, we are not yet satisfied. We are confident that there are still people in our society who are questioning the value of their life based on words typed cowardly by a stranger. There have been over 500 documented schools who have integrated this video into their classrooms as a learning tool to initiate this conversation amongst not only their peers but also administration and parents alike. MusEffect has also brought on sponsors such as Scholastic Publishers, Sadie Jane Clothing line (#NoHaters) and National Dance Week to continue to support and fund their efforts to expand the movement. The biggest addition to MusEffect's action plan will be their first ever US tour this Fall connecting schools directly to their live show raising social awareness through the arts.


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