13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

Best in Technology

This award recognizes the best use social media or digital by consumer electronics, telecommunication services and technology brands. Objectives include product launches, encouraging brand loyalty, promotions and deals and thought leadership initiatives.

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The USTA & IBM - Enabling the 2020 (Virtual) U.S. Open
On June 17th the USTA announced the 2020 US Open would be a spectator-less tournament, giving our collective team 12 weeks to re-imagine the Grand Slam in a virtual format – that would give fans at home an immersive, interactive digital experience, as well as the sights, sounds and rivalries that typically unfold across the millions of spectators …
Get Got by a Gran
Senior loneliness is more than a sad reality. It's a medical minefield, increasing the likelihood of dementia, heart disease and stroke. In 2019, a staggering 1 in 3 seniors reported feeling lonely. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, senior loneliness became an even bigger problem. So we turned to an obvious solution. E-sports. E-sports? 
Reshape Your Realities
With foldable smartphones entering the consumer technology industry, Lenovo was challenged with introducing a new category of foldable devices in a much larger form factor – the PC. And after four years of intense engineering and development, Lenovo was ready to launch the ThinkPad X1 Fold: the world’s first foldable PC for users’ diverse computin…
The Alienware Sessions
As an established brand among hardcore gamers, Dell’s Alienware wanted to expand their reach to a broader group. Dell wanted to convey the message that Alienware computers offer more than just elite gaming performance. They’re the force behind every expression of creativity, from music to podcasts to fashion to cooking to sports.  When you decide …
Verizon: Full Transparency
The truth is under assault. According to a study published in Science it takes the truth about six times as long as falsehoods to reach 1,500 people. The problem is that online misinformation and real fake news (not to be confused with fake fake news) often hides in plain sight. Online information appears to be mass but isn’t public in the traditi…
YouTube Brandcast Delivered
During the IAB Newfronts, digital platforms and publishers show off new programming, formats, and advertising capabilities to advertisers. For the past decade, YouTube's NewFront, Brandcast, has entertained thousands of clients in iconic New York City venues with special guests, presentations, and musical performances to showcase the platform’s co…


#ForTheGrams: Amazon Helps Families Maintain Holiday Traditions in a Time of Social Distancing
Command Line Heroes
Command Line Heroes is an original podcast from Red Hat. In each episode, host Saron Yitbarek narrates the epic tales of the people who attempt the extraordinary and persevere against all odds. Episodes feature historians, experts, and guests who give their first-hand recollections of the big moments or influential people who changed the world of technology…
New Year’s Read - 2021 DM guidance from Truth Teller Cardi B
Messenger and Instagram recently combined forces to make the biggest change to DMs ever, full of new tools to help our users have longer, more meaningful chats with their friends. And with 2020 making us feel more disconnected than ever, we knew we needed to get the word out in a huge way, during the biggest messaging day of the year. On New Year’s Ev…
Red Rocks Unpaused
Visible is a new phone service with a uniquely relevant offer - it’s entirely digital (sign up, pay, and do everything right from your phone). Considering Visible is still new to the market with minimal awareness, our primary objective was to gain national brand awareness. We did this through a branded virtual experience via Twitter’s social platform and a …
Robotic Surgery Unlocks a New Era of Medicine
Every now and then, a technology comes forth that offers a quantum leap forward in the progression of an industry or craft. With surgery, that’s come with the introduction of robotics. However, the medical device market is highly regulated and legally restrictive, intimidating most market players from telling stories of their brands or products. INTUITIV…
Say Goodbye
Peripheral atherectomies are complicated procedures, and doctors never really know what they’re going to encounter when they go into a vessel. To prepare for any eventuality, they’re forced to keep a suite of devices on hand, ramping up cost, complexity, and stress levels. AngioDynamics, a global medical device company specializing in vascular and oncolo…
The Most Emerging Security Operation Center (SOC) Solution
KERUBIEL LTD. is based in Budapest, Hungary but operating on international level as well (Italy, Malta, UK, Singapore, etc.). We are providing special services and tailored solutions on Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy. In the last 2 years KERUBIEL have been recognized and awarded on these fields by high profile Magazines (TOP10 CyberSecurity provider…
Zendesk 'Stories about helpful people'
As a customer support company, everything Zendesk does — from how they build their customer experience software to the way they work with each other — is all about being helpful. It’s the spirit they believe in. ‘Stories about helpful people’ is a series of mini-documentaries and photo stories. It’s a series intended to inspire the Zendesk community to rall…
Zendesk 'Thank You Machine'
In 2020, Zendesk wanted a fresh way to engage audiences. The world was overflowing with virtual events, so the company set out to build an experience that engaged customers—differently. Everything Zendesk makes is driven by the notion of helpfulness. The service-first CRM company builds software that helps billions of businesses solve customer problems. …
Zero In by LG Electronics and Ogilvy
The last quarter of 2020 created an unprecedented moment in the world of gaming.  As the world experienced less mobility, products that elevate the home entertainment experience, like TVs, saw a large uptick in purchases and usage. Gaming manufacturers introduced next-gen consoles to the world, an occurrence that happens with years in between. With their…

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