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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Red Rocks Unpaused

Finalist in Live Events

Gold Honor in Immersive

Entered in Technology, Online Event/Activation


Visible is a new phone service with a uniquely relevant offer - it’s entirely digital (sign up, pay, and do everything right from your phone). Considering Visible is still new to the market with minimal awareness, our primary objective was to gain national brand awareness. We did this through a branded virtual experience via Twitter’s social platform and a hosted microsite. Once we decided on a campaign, we set our goals at 1.5M views over the 3-day event, 200K microsite visits, and 28 press placements. Little did we know just how successful a perfectly timed and well strategized digital experiential event could be for this up-and-coming brand.

Strategy and Execution

In 2020, much of our lives were put on hold. Even Denver’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre had to pause their highly anticipated concert season. So Visible phone service, as a local partner of Denver Arts and Venues and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, put their attention towards amplifying the arts and culture spaces that were being challenged. They decided to change the narrative of 2020 and press play with the ultimate interactive livestream concert series: Red Rocks Unpaused. 

As the first phone service where you can sign up, pay, and do everything right from your phone, Visible knows a thing or two about going all-digital. So we used their expertise to create an all-digital Red Rocks. But with the hype around live streaming artists in 2020 losing steam, we needed to create livestream events that would help Visible show up in an entirely new way. Therefore, to demonstrate their disruptive spirit in the digital space, we created never-before-seen immersive capabilities and as a result, built the new frontier in virtual concerts. 

With a suite of new interactive features, we let the audience shape the show from the comfort of their homes - projecting messages of support onto the Red Rocks, triggering light animations, voting for encore songs, sending audio cheers to the performers, and more. Finally, people felt connected again - a feeling we consistently strive to create in Visible’s community-driven brand. 

Visible supported a range of artists and genres in a time when live performances were at an all-time low, and as a result, the audience got to be closer to their favorite artists than they’ve ever been through our brand new tech tactics. We even flipped the stage to adapt to the virtual experience and create a once-in-a-lifetime view. It all added up to one thing: we brought the thrill of live music back to artists and fans.


In the end, we far exceeded all of our goals and objectives. Red Rocks Unpaused attracted the largest attendance of any Red Rocks event ever with 8,684,202 views, 457% past our goal; we exceeded our goal for microsite visits by 155% with 310,774 visits; we brought in a whopping 2.5 billion in earned media impressions (that’s right, billions); and we had an incredible 88 earned media impressions at 314% to goal. Interaction was also far beyond what we expected with 7,082,764 people engaged with the organic social posts; 28,908 chats were enthusiastically exchanged among attendees; ~7,684,000 emoticon reactions were shared; and 24,919 virtual cheers rang through the performances. And it all equals the Visible brand being brought to the forefront of peoples’ minds.


Video for Red Rocks Unpaused

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Madwell, Visible


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