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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Food and Beverage

This awards honors the best use of social media and digital in a marketing campaign by a food and beverage brand. Campaign objectives may include the launch of a new beverage, the opening of a restaurant, the promotion of a sustainable food brand and more.

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Famous Orders
Our Marketing Objective was to drive penetration by bringing new, younger, customers to the brand. We also wanted to drive frequency. 86% of all adults visit McDonald’s once a year, so to drive real sales growth you need to get them to come more often too. To achieve this, our Communication Objective was to drive renewed relevance among this au…
Bomb Pop is Not One Thing
Tweens (aged 9 – 14) are the most diverse, multi-faceted, culturally agile, and relentlessly creative cohort in US history. They have wide interests and consume diverse content. They are inherently curious, forever exploring the depths of their own identity and discovering the world around them. Most Tweens and their parents know Bomb Pop as the s…
New Jingle for a New Era
The events of summer 2020 sparked a nationwide reckoning on racial injustice, exposing deep-seeded racism throughout American culture—even in the country’s most well-known ice cream truck jingle. When a viral video surfaced the racist origins of the song “Turkey in the Straw,” we knew that Good Humor had the responsibility to respond immediatel…
Pockets 4 Bits: Gamer Snacks Level Up
Hot PocketsⓇ is a 40-year-old brand with wide recognition. During those four decades, the brand has rarely spoken directly to its target eater as a viable buyer. As the ‘purchasers,’ Moms and Dads have been the primary recipients of Hot Pockets messaging and marketing, not the kids and teens who (predominantly) gobble up Hot Pockets. We call them …
The Virtual National Forest
For the Black Forest® brand, the forest is a huge part of who we are. It’s in our name and at the root of our belief that all choices, big and small, can make a real difference for us and our planet. In 2019, we leveraged social media to help raise $100,000 to plant 100,000 trees across U.S. National Forests impacted by wildfires. In 2020, we want…


In 2020, Thomas’ commemorated 140 years since their very first Nooks & Crannies English Muffin. After a decline in bread sales in 2019, our challenge was to honor the past, solidify Thomas’ place in modern kitchens, and gather a new, younger generation of followers along the way. So we tapped into cultural insights to find a digital path into the kitchens a…
Beyond The Box
When we learned that 54.3+ million Americans, including 18 million children, were expected to experience food insecurity in 2020, we knew we had to help. HelloFresh has always been committed to giving back to our community, and last year we ramped up our efforts to meet the food shortage challenges that COVID-19 pandemic presented.  Our social impact pro…
Brew the Love Together
As COVID hit, people whittled down their visits to local cafés and started depending more and more on home brewers, like Keurig. Knowing our Keurig brewers were becoming a more consistent touch point in people’s lives, we had a unique opportunity to position Keurig as more than an appliance, but as a brand that can make a bigger impact during a time of stru…
Transform Budweiser’s experiential platform - BudX - at Super Bowl 54 into a truly global moment that generates 1 billion impressions and builds the brand’s cultural credibility.
Choose Your Alternate F’reality (#FrealAF)
Our challenge was to increase brand awareness, highlight a new packaging refresh and new, healthier options (smoothies and protein shakes) to the market, by attracting new consumers and converting current consumers into super fans. We looked to c-stores to fuel growth in by developing a campaign that was as unique as its target audience— Gen Z. 
Inspiring Happy Hearts
Honey Nut Cheerios is on a mission to inspire happy hearts. With more than 100 million Americans having some form of heart disease, Cheerios understands how important heart health is and wants to remind Americans that a happy, heart-heathy lifestyle can be fun, easy, and delicious. Honey Nut Cheerios (HNC) was looking for a strategic partner to provide t…
Kellogg’s® Special K Blursday Go-Away Kit
Create boundary-breaking earned media coverage and social buzz around the full range of feel-good flavors of Kellogg’s® Special K cereal while answering to a pandemic cultural truth that we saw echoed in memes, social chatter and even texts with friends – every single day in 2020 felt exactly the same.
NotCo NotMilk™
NotCo, a cutting-edge food-tech company, came to us to promote the launch of their new plant-based milk alternative, NotMilk™, which is unlike any other milk on the market. Developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to replicate the molecular structure of cow’s milk, NotMilk™ is made from plants, but pours, stirs, froths, slurps…
Rollin With Juju
The Pepsi “Made for Football Watching” campaign brings audiences the Fall sports action amidst an abnormal NFL season with a tongue-in-cheek spot featuring Steelers players Juju Smith-Schuster and Zach Banner and the 80’s spin class no one expected.
S.Pellegrino Presents: "Our Food, Our Stories" with Kristen Kish
The holiday season is a key moment for S.Pellegrino, which has long held a place on consumers’ holiday tables to elevate special moments and dining experiences. In 2019, S.Pellegrino established Friendsgiving as a pillar moment for the brand, launching a campaign that extended beyond the traditional holiday celebrations and proved successful with consumers.…
SpongeBob SquarePants Where's Gary? Getaway Sweepstakes
It’s imperative to develop fresh content for both the large and engaged fanbase as well as our retail partners. With that in mind, ViacomCBS developed The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, a brand-new theatrical that was full of Kamp Koral adventures!     In this movie, SpongeBob goes on a trip to Kamp Koral and meets some new friends. However, when hi…
The King of the 2020 VMAs
Program Objectives: Leverage VMA cultural relevance to generate Burger King brand love Experiment with partnership innovation to drive buzz and intrigue among fans Bolster fan engagement by maximizing rewards via the Burger King app   This campaign was inspired by two core insights that gained prevalence during the 2020 pandemic:  QR…
Why They Made The Mini: "Shirt Pockets"
Launch new half-sized KIND bars, KIND Minis, to establish occasions when half a bar is enough to satisfy, specifically highlighting moments when people snack in the go. The TVC spoke to "how" the Mini was created. This series introduced "why."
Wienerschnitzel Instagram Rebranding
Since 1961, fun has always been the foundation at Wienerschnitzel. Yet, our fans may have forgotten about it—in part due to the endless scroll of the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” that fills their feed. So, we gave our nostalgic brand a fun facelift with an eccentric combination of illustration, photography and design that’s hard to ignore, and even harder to forget.…
Wild Turkey Guided Tasting Experience
Whiskey has always been more than a spirit: it’s an iconic American tradition. And in the last five years alone, more than 2.5 million people have visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to experience that tradition. But with travel plans on hold, Wild Turkey looked for ways to create a virtual journey to the Bluegrass State.
ampm's National Horchata Day
The Horchata from ampm has long been one of their most beloved beverages. ampm wanted to raise even more awareness and deepen the affinity with their audience, as they’re one of the few convenience store chains to offer the specialty drink.