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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Entertainment

This award honors the best use of social media and digital by entertainment brands, publications, and services. Objectives may include campaigns and initiatives supporting musicians, films, comedians, plays and all other forms of entertainment.

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Comedy Central Social
As always, Comedy Central Digital’s goal in 2020 was to maximize video views and watch time by publishing super funny and shareable content. When the pandemic hit in March, we remained focused on the creation of a variety of video content that would hit those goals, as well as satisfy company-wide initiatives and any confirmed and potential sponso…
Looney Tunes hires an intern
Looney Tunes was invented in the golden age of theatrical cartoons and evolved through the rise of TV and syndication. Looney Tunes created cultural resonance because Chuck Jones’ team of writers and animators reflected and commented on their world. That wild, rebellious, and cool DNA was reinvigorated in the ‘90s with the cartoon/reality hybrid h…
P-Valley Social Campaign: Welcome to The Pynk
The key to turning this southern-fried series into a cultural phenomenon? Authenticity. Katori Hall’s colorful and complex world of STARZ’ P-Valley told the story of a Black southern experience never before seen on television. The country slanguage, layered characters, original music, Delta Noir aesthetic (baybee, the list finna go on) gave STARZ …
Solar Opposites Live-Animated Twitter Q&A
As Solar Opposites was preparing to crash land at Hulu, we faced a challenge of global proportions: How do you convince earthlings that these foul-mouthed Shlorpions are just as relatable–and likeable–as a human sitcom family. 
The Mandalorian Season 2 – Digital Campaign
The second season of the Disney+ Original Series reunited fans with The Mandalorian and the Child as they continued their journey through the outer reaches of the galaxy. The digital marketing campaign presented a restrained, but impactful pulsed content rollout to eventize the season premiere and supplemental weekly episodes on a global scale.


Disney+ Launch in India: Red Carpet Premiere
  The launch of Disney+ came bundled with a unique proposition in India, since it was going to be paired with the Hotstar subscription here. It was naturally the biggest news in entertainment, and our campaign had to mirror that scale and more, with ATL, BTL, Digital, PR and every mass touchpoint in the mix. But we were faced with another big challenge –…
Disney+ Social
The goal of Disney+ social is to create content that brings together the stories from the expansive Disney library that the service has to offer for new and old fans.
In 2020, we teamed up with Picturehouse to launch their new film, Fatima, the historical drama of the Virgin Mary’s appearances to three children in Fátima, Portugal, over a hundred years ago. Our task was to create buzz and drive ticket sales via social media for this 2020 tentpole film. We needed to develop social content that inspired, connected and e…
If I Only Had Christmas Bingo Game
To create excitement, drive awareness and drive tune-in to Candace Cameron Bure's Countdown to Christmas all new movie “If I Only Had Christmas.” 
Jojo Rabbit: Anti Propaganda Propaganda Posters
To announce that the award-winning Jojo Rabbit, was streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium. To do so in a way that grabs attention and makes a statement as provocative as the movie, through our art and communication.
MGM Studios 2020 Brand Social
In 2020, the MGM Studios social team set out on a mission with one goal in mind: transform the studio channels from a wasteland of content into a thriving brand with a strong voice and engaged community. Over the last few years, social has become a place where brands can really show their voice and creativity. We wanted to take advantage of the opportuni…
Popcorn-Perfect Movie Clips from “Binge Society” by Jellysmack
Build the most fan-friendly and engaging YouTube channel for movie lovers around the world to relive their favorite cinematic moments online. 
Trolls World Tour - Twitter Campaign
In the face of a global pandemic, Universal Pictures pivoted the release of it’s upcoming film Trolls World Tour away from theaters and moved it to premiere directly to consumer homes. For the first time audiences would be able to watch a big “theatrical” film in the safety of their home. And we only had one month to tell them about it. Universal Picture…