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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Organic Promotion

This award honors the most effective organic promotion strategies and marketing campaigns across various social and digital platforms.

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Love Death + Robots
When Netflix announced renowned directors David Fincher and Tim Miller were collaborating on a new adult animation series, hardcore genre fans remained wary.  Before any details from the Fincher/Miller project were released, aside from the title Love Death + Robots, social listening identified potential genre enthusiasts as confirmed skeptics, rep…
Lucifer S4 Thirst Campaign
Much like Lucifer, who was banished to the depths of hell, the show bearing his name was dealt a similar fate by being canceled by FOX. However, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Lucifer was not only saved from the outcry of fans, but found it’s new home on a new platform, Netflix. But how does one take a series that was deemed not worthy by p…
Pineapple Upside-Down Cheesecake
In 2015, The Cheesecake Factory stopped serving Pineapple Upside-Down Cheesecake, but their fans couldn't let it go. Social listening and community management proved the cheesecake had reached cult status: because four years later, our online community was still mourning its absence. By 2019, we knew it was time to bring it back for National Chees…
Rockettes x Dance Series 2019
The goal of the Rockettes Dance Video Series was to expand brand relevancy and drive follower growth in the offseason for a traditionally holiday-focused brand. This out-of-season initiative focused on showcasing the Rockettes precision dance talent in genres outside of what they are typically associated with, their physical strength, and their…
Women Worth Watching
Before we get into this case study, I’d like to ask if you could take a moment and recall the last time you flipped on the TV and watched sports. Remember? Alright, now what if I told you with 96% confidence that sporting event featured men? How could I be so sure? Because that’s the incredible statistic we came across when developing our campaign…


#VictoryFont: A Typeface To Remember
The Great Patriotic War started for the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, and lasted till May 9, 1945. As time goes by, witnesses of those 1418 days of hell are passing away. We — the younger generations — have become heirs to that Victory and are blessed to live in peace thanks to those who protected our future from Nazism. It is up to us to preserve their st…
A Yuletide Holiday Card for Everyone—Literally
Nowadays there are more ways to send a holiday greeting than ever before. There's sending the traditional card, but should you send one on LinkedIn? Or what's TikTok? And what does "yeet" even mean? With generational differences and new social platforms constantly emerging, crafting the right message and sharing it the right way can be a real struggle. B…
Bring Back The Brick
Nearly every brand with a social media presence tries to one-up each other on April Fool’s Day. 5G Moto Mod – the first way to connect to 5G on Verizon became available for purchase on April 1st. Auspicious timing. Although Verizon doesn’t normally participate, we knew that we had to lean into the occasion if we wanted our device launch to get any tra…
Combos Gen Z
Connect Combos with Gen Z on social with a minimal media budget.
JBL LIVE at Miami Music Week
JBL has been synonymous with award winning sound for more than 70 years. As a premium brand, JBL competes in a crowded sector to win and grow brand love from target Millennials and Gen Z consumers.  Our consumers value brand authenticity, creativity, personal expression, credibility and innovative, trend- setting products.  They crave experiences and connec…
Jeep® Emoji U-Turn
Jeep saw an opportunity to do an emoji U-turn by being the first brand to ever give an emoji back. Our goal was to seize a cultural moment and generate social media buzz, PR recognition, and ultimately fuel Jeep fandom in social by declaring #ThisIsNotJeep. We used this platform to release social videos, GIFs and stills on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and F…
Madden Mural
The Madden 99 Club is reserved for the best of the best football players. The group is a brotherhood of superstars in football culture. For players who grew up on the game, it’s a huge honor to be inducted. We knew the announcement of 2019’s inductees needed to be special.  We wanted to capture the larger-than-life mystique around these four ballers whil…
Social Advocacy: Leveraging trusted employee voices to grow organic outcomes
Corporate employees (regardless of company) generally have a trusted voice in the marketplace with respect to the industries they work in, but often do not understand or know how to leverage their social channels to help grow awareness and affinity for brands they support. Most companies do not take advantage of the benefits of employee social advocacy. Acc…
YouTube Rewind 2019: Here’s to what you DID like.
YouTube’s 2018 Rewind video was the most disliked video on YouTube and the social response was “cringey.” In 2019, YouTube partnered with GLOW to come up with a new social approach to excite fans and one that could scale globally.