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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

A Yuletide Holiday Card for Everyone—Literally

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Nowadays there are more ways to send a holiday greeting than ever before. There's sending the traditional card, but should you send one on LinkedIn? Or what's TikTok? And what does "yeet" even mean?

With generational differences and new social platforms constantly emerging, crafting the right message and sharing it the right way can be a real struggle. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Our goal was to create a digital one-stop-shop for people from all walks of life to share their yuletide greetings with colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In today’s day and age, everyone communicates differently—especially during the holidays. For us to create a cohesive holiday card generator that was relevant to the masses, we tapped into our audience identification expertise to strategically create personalized messages for everyone ranging from Traditionalists and Baby Boomers down to Millennials and iGens. But it didn’t stop there—we then needed to identify the most relevant platforms in which these generations could spread their holiday cheer.

We started off by creating a mapping system that would generate content based on four variables: content type, visual tone, sentiment and audience. When users enter the site, they are prompted to answer four questions relative to these variables that would determine their holiday card options. For content type, the user could select from “Viral” or “Meaningful,” resulting in creative assets featuring a cute kitty or a loveable puppy. For visual tone, the “Chill” option would produce a wholesome visual tone while “Party” created bolder and more outlandish options. Sentiment was determined by “LOL” or “Cuddles,” infusing either a humorous message or more sentimental warm and fuzzies. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the user would select the recipient’s demographic which would then deliver a variety of holiday card options, strategically prioritized in order of the sharing platform most relevant to the recipient.

To properly execute this level of personalized creative optimization, we created over 260 unique creative assets to ensure there was a message for everyone! All assets were hosted on a custom-built microsite integrated with APIs to share messages across a breadth of methods including text message, Slack, reddit, postcards, Google docs, printed holiday cards, custom handshakes, voicemails, Facebook, TikTok and more. Users could even purchase a holiday card on Amazon! No matter who you wanted to create a card for — we had you covered. A TikTok video for the influencer-to-be Centennial/Gen Z’er nephew? We had it. Or a sentimental card printout to send the Baby Boomer grandparents down memory lane? We had that too.

With no paid media budget and a limited timeframe, we strategically targeted last-minute shoppers searching for holiday gift ideas, launching the card generator organically across social media and email the week before the Christmas holiday.



The Holiday Card Generator was an awareness campaign with the objective of maximizing the number of sessions and shares. Considering our niche target audience, no paid media support and a 10-day campaign run, the results exceeded our expectations:


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Moxie, Moxie


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