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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Video

This category honors the most creative and effective incorporation of video content in a social media marketing campaign.

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Best Use of Video in 2017: Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest LGBTQ civil rights organizations, strives to incorporate video into all of our campaigns. Whether it be political, cultural, rapid response, or for our foundation work, video is a go-to tool for HRC in our effort to change hearts and mind around the globe. Videos are a vital medium to tell our storie…
"Howler Soccer Ball Phone"
In June 2017, Kovert Creative announced an equity partnership with Howler Media, a multimedia platform known for its unique point of view and highly-visual, glossy print magazine that covers global soccer from an American perspective.Kovert Creative wanted to create a piece of sharable digital content that would not only generate views and press c…
American Horror Story: Cult Videos
American Horror Story's seventh season,"Cult", provided the perfect backdrop for FX's online marketing campaign. Through the release of several mysterious videos on social, FX beckoned users to join a mysterious cult and rewarded them with exclusive season 7 content. The end goal? Bring them closer to the horror than ever before.
Dua Lipa's New Rules Music Video, The Confidante Miami Beach part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt
In 2017, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand sought a platform to build brand awareness, bringing to life, in an emotionally relevant way, the brand promise of delivering on-of-a-kind, story worthy stay experiences. Identifying the powerful connection between music, story, and experience, the hunt was on to find the right artist, narrative, and …
Philadelphia Eagles
To inspire and serve the greatest football city in America.


"Fight Dirty"
Method, the pioneer of premium planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric and personal care products, came to Kovert Creative for help developing a video that would launch a year-long digital ad campaign. Though the piece would be supported through paid initiatives, including through social media and homepage takeovers, the brand was not looking to crea…
"The Bjorn Identity"
As a highly-involved father of three, I have been familiar with, and a fan of the Baby Bjorn for nearly a decade. One day as I was eating breakfast, which consisted of my kids' leftover food, I came up with this comedic spoof I called "The Bjorn Identity", which I turned into a video for my YouTube channel: While video got a modest +/- 5,000 views on YouT…
#UA747Farewell was an initiative to honor United's 747 aircraft on its final flight from San Francisco to Honolulu. Known as the "Queen of the Skies," the Boeing 747 is a revolutionary aircraft that had built up a considerable fan base during its career and was loved by customers and crew alike. To commemorate the retirement of United's most memorable aircr…
ASICS® GEL - Nimbus®20
In 1999, ASICS® launched a high-cushioned shoe named GEL-Nimbus®. It quickly gained a cult following among marathon and long-distance runners who loved its low weight and high cushioning. Loyalists would buy a pair, wear them out, then eagerly buy the next edition. Despite its great run through the decades, many fans were disappointed by GEL-Nimbus® 19 and …
Best Use of Video
IBM's Facebook page currently garners the highest engagement rates among B2B tech brands. We use video on Facebook as a way to share major news, our culture and brand, and our people. We work closely with our Facebook partners to understand what types of content are resonating, and areas where we can lead in innovation, such as ASMR videos and Facebook Live…
Culture of Proximity 1.0
As marketers, it's critical to stay on the pulse of the culture in which our consumers operate. We live in a cultural moment where trends move at unprecedented rate, and every day we're reacting and adjusting to something new. Individuals, social groups, crowds, subcultures and mass culture have collapsed into one organic, chaotic entity. We're close to eac…
Dreams Resorts & Spas Turns Planning Stress into Vacation Bliss
The "what-ifs" of travel planning cause such overwhelming stress that people are letting their vacation days go to waste. This stress is particularly felt among "modern" families (i.e., blended families, co-parents who travel together, etc.) who struggle to access the right resources that address their needs during the planning process, therefore eliminatin…
Empowering Young Women
I was very inspired watching the Wonder Woman movie. Gal Gadot's character instills passion and confidence in everyone and particularly in women. I was a shy young girl terrified to speak or to leave my Mom's side. Faces spoke to me in a language I was able to understand. Faces and their expressions are more powerful than words. With makeup I can tell a s…
Hype & Influence
Hype & Influence is a video series that explores the cultural trends that matter. The goal of this series is to connect the audience with our brands by showcasing we are the leader when it comes to driving culture and creating conversation. On our first episode, we explore the reason why hip hop is now the #1 music genre in America. How is a country that st…
NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sr. Tribute Video
NASCAR Social Media, NASCAR Productions and NASCAR Entertainment Marketing set out to create a piece of content that would create interest in Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s first race since missing much of the 2016 season. He would return to the car for the 2017 Daytona 500, the iconic first race of the NASCAR season.
Snowfall Videos
When the game is rigged, rewrite the rules. To launch the first season of FX's period drama Snowfall, there were a lot of elements at our disposal that we felt needed to be featured: the vision of the legendary John Singleton, a young upcoming cast, the sunny LA scenery and, of course, a dramatic drug narrative. It was important that the campaign hit a nos…
The Penske Games
* To create a video series that shows our drivers' personalities* Provide partners a solid but subtle way to garner their logos more exposure* Develop a series that engages fans like never before
Y-3 Multi-Cam / Split-Screen Instagram Live Coverage
With the launch of Instagram Live happening just a couple months prior, brands at Paris Fashion Week were excited to debut their new collections utilizing this new social feature. Our challenge for F/W 2017-18 was to create a completely unique Instagram live experience for Y-3—a brand known for its obsession with innovation. In an age of instant gratificati…