4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Journalist

This was perhaps one of the biggest year in recent memory for journalism. And in a world where people want to know what’s happening in real time, journalists from all walks of life take to social media to spread their stories.

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Amina Khan
Los Angeles Times science writer Amina Khan thinks that nature is the best teacher. She makes a solid case for it in her book Adapt: How Humans Are Tapping into Nature's Secrets to Design and Build a Better Future, released in April 2017 to much acclaim in the field of environmentalism. She also spent part of the year working on season 2 of the ...
Ellen McGirt
Fortune staff writer Ellen McGirt covers race and culture for the magazine, and has spent her 2017 spearheading their raceAhead newsletter, which “focuses on the experience of black, brown, Asian, and Native American people in corporate America.” She doesn’t limit her focus to business on social media, though, tackling issues of racial bias wher...
Jason Concepcion
Every day, the lines that divide politics, pop culture, and sports become more blurred, with writers like The Ringer’s Jason Concepcion here to clarify the connections between all three. Better known to his 150K+ Twitter fans as @netw3rk, Jason constantly posts about the things that consume his mind, like Star Wars, video games, and—most commonl...
Michelle Ye Hee Lee
Over a decade ago, The Washington Post launched its column “The Fact Checker” in order to call out politicians spreading falsehoods. Over time, they began handing out Pinocchios, with the biggest lies garnering four Pinocchios. Reporter Michelle Ye Hee Lee began working on the column in 2014, bringing its reporting to Snapchat and creating its p...
Ronan Farrow
Investigative reporter Ronan Farrow stepped out from the shadow of his famous family to deliver some of the most groundbreaking journalism in 2017. His November article for The New Yorker detailed the secretive world of settlements and spies that protected Harvey Weinstein for years while he continued to abuse women. That piece added fuel to the...


Annie Karni
It’s not an easy job, but somebody’s gotta do it. As a White House reporter for Politico, Annie Karni has access and insight that much of the world can only dream about. With the Trump administration’s constant newsworthy gyrations, Annie had a busy 2017—to say the least. She keeps her 50K+ Twitter followers up on the twists and turns in the daily politic...
Chris Geidner
Legal editor and Supreme Court correspondent for BuzzFeed, Chris Geidner covers many of the most controversial topics in America. The Ohio native came to prominence for his coverage of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law’s repeal in 2010. Since then, the openly gay law expert has brought a unique perspective to his articles, along with Twitter posts that reac...
Elle Reeve
In the aftermath of the racially-charged protests in Charlottesville, VA in August, many people were searching for some comprehension of what led to such a violent clash. Enter Elle Reeve—the brave, braided correspondent for Vice News who embedded herself among the contingent of white supremacists that orchestrated the controversy, and were ultimately fou...
Felipe Dana
Award-winning photographer Felipe Dana documents some of the most dangerous and dismal places on Earth. Working for the Associated Press, Felipe finds himself covering newsworthy locales and communities without regard to safety, looking to awaken the world to the plight of people who often go unseen and unheard. In 2017, he spent time capturing the devast...
Jodi Kantor
2017 was a watershed year for the fight against sexual harassment. That’s due to the many brave women who came forward, and also to the journalists who gave them a platform to make their voices heard. New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor is one of those journalists. In October, she and her colleague Megan Twohey ran the now-famous story detai...
Joshua Topolsky
In the waning weeks of 2016, Joshua Topolsky launched the news site The Outline, with the belief that there is a “narrative happening in the world that's unseen, underreported, or dismissed altogether.” Throughout 2017, its articles provided a critical perspective on power, culture, and the future, with Joshua acting as Editor-in-Chief. He also continues ...

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