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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Technology

Technology products, services and brands are eligible for this award. Objectives include product launches, encouraging brand loyalty, promotions and deals and thought leadership initiatives.

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ASUS "Transform Everyday"
The ASUS "Transform Everyday" campaign was designed to create a social movement: encouraging audiences transform their daily activities and create a positive difference. The objective: Help promote the ASUS Transformer Book family of products and connect it with the idea of everyday acts of kindness can transform the world into a better place – ju…
AT&T Helps Small Businesses Share Their Savings
#ShareTheSavings was a social media video campaign in the spring of 2014 that aimed to drive awareness of an AT&T promotion revolving around high-speed Internet access for small businesses. Featuring actual AT&T small business customers, the video campaign utilized hidden cameras, "surprise and delight," a climactic "reveal," lots of humor, a…
HTC Creatography
What do you do when your competition shells out billions on advertising and celebrity endorsements? Simple. You give your product to their customers, and make them the celebrities.Ok, it's not that simple, but that's the spirit behind Swift and HTC's Creatography influencer campaign.OBJECTIVEIncrease awareness of the flagship HTC One smartphone ou…
Love my fridge
Digital campaign in 12 countries. Bosch asked people to share their relationship with refrigerators and uncovered a universal love through our hashtag #lovemyfridge. Users generated 550,000 visits to the microsite plus total ad impressions of 340 million.
Project Ava: Finding Avaya's Silicon Valley Cool
In Silicon Valley, the term "old-school" doesn't generally get people too excited. In 2014, Avaya, a telecommunications company with a stigma as the "conference call company," was perceived as pretty old-school. Not willing to resign itself to that fate, Avaya embarked on a transformative journey to reposition itself as a 21st century business eng…
“Moto 360 Design Face-Off" Google+ Community Challenge
In mid-March, Motorola announced the launch of Moto 360, a truly modern timepiece, designed by Motorola, powered by Android Wear. From the moment it was announced, consumers and industry influencers were anxious to get their hands on the watch. But Moto 360 wouldn't be available for purchase for another six months, and the brand need to sustain…


Swiftic - Leading DIY Mobile App Platform
Swiftic™ is a global leader in DIY app creation, providing small businesses across the world with simple, smart technology solutions that enable them to cultivate customer loyalty and thrive in a digital world. The Swiftic solution is affordable, intuitive, and requires zero coding skills. Our DIY platform makes it easy for small business owners to create …
Data Center Rap Battle
There is a battle going down in corporate data centers around the world: the battle between the forces for virtualization and the guardians of the physical network. It's true, but it's also ridiculous. And to point that out Juniper staged a rap battle. The Data Center Rap Battle campaign mixed hip-hop culture with the business-to-business jargon for results…
Deception Force “Know, Control, Expose" Security Campaign
IT professionals are bombarded with messaging about security. Juniper Networks used strategic thinking to devise a way to pique the interest of IT pros through entertaining content, while also communicating that the company's intrusion-deception technology changes the game of thwarting data center attacks. So how did we entertain and educate an audience of …
Lenovo #ThinkPSeries Workstation Launch
After four years of development, Lenovo was ready to launch a new line of workstations. But so were its chief competitors, HP and Dell, who were coming to the contest with a greater social mindshare. This created major hurdles for the marketing team tasked with catapulting the high-powered ThinkStation P Series workstations above the competition. Lenovo's l…
The interface between man and machine has historically relied on text - both keyboard and mouse - to communicate. But can voice emerge as the next interface to take over as the primary input/output? Is our privacy at risk as voice becomes an ever more dominant tool for personal communications interface? Over the last year, our team at the Hypervoice Consort…