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Swiftic - Leading DIY Mobile App Platform

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Swiftic™ is a global leader in DIY app creation, providing small businesses across the world with simple, smart technology solutions that enable them to cultivate customer loyalty and thrive in a digital world. The Swiftic solution is affordable, intuitive, and requires zero coding skills. Our DIY platform makes it easy for small business owners to create custom mobile apps that enrich their businesses and meet the expectations of today's mobile consumers.

Every Swiftic app includes a full suite of exclusive, innovative loyalty programs that allow businesses to easily connect with their on-the-go customers and build solid, lasting relationships with their clientele.

To date Swiftic has powered more than one million small business apps around the world - with 4,500 new apps created every day. We know the small business world better than anyone, and we're committed to using that knowledge to help businesses owners compete, grow, and succeed with first-rate apps that attract customers and earn their devotion with every download.

Strategy and Execution

As faithful advocates of small mobile businesses everywhere, we at Swiftic are constantly brewing up plans and ideas to help our small business clients prosper and grow. And because we know that one of the key factors of running a successful business is attracting and retaining customers, we launched our mobile Loyalty Cards app feature—a modern-day version of the paper customer-reward punch cards of yore—back in 2013. And they've been a smashing hit with our star SMB publishers ever since. The reasoning is simple. A loyalty rewards program (i.e., free stuff) is one of the most effective ways to get returning customers, whether you're giving them a free espresso for every nine purchased or a 10th-haircut-is-on-us deal. And as most of these customers live on their mobile these days, we put our mobile Loyalty Cards right there in the palm of their hand. They're cool, they're fun, they're easy to use, and customers love them.

'Within two weeks of downloading our app's Loyalty Card, 48% came back to the store and made a purchase.' - Russell & Christy White, The Fleurty Ginger Boutique

Our mobile Loyalty Cards are easy to create and deploy, and second to none when it comes to fostering brand loyalty and getting repeat shoppers. We offer a wide variety of unique design options including cool color schemes, icons, background images, and text that let our publishers create cards that visually match and reinforce their brand on their customers' home screen. And functional features like the number of "stamps," date range, daily limit, and "mid-card freebie" option allow small businesses to customize their Loyalty Card to best meet their business goals and needs.

The Fleurty Ginger Boutique, one of our SMB success stories, has seen tremendous results after getting their Swiftic app and mobile Loyalty Card.

"The Loyalty Card is a HUGE draw. It drives downloads because it adds value to the app and promotes engagement. Customers download the app and keep using it to take advantage of the Loyalty Card and the coupons. 48% of customer with Loyalty Cards return within two weeks. And we've seen a 23% increase in traffic to our online store as we all a 17% bump in storefront visits. No more lost or forgotten paper cards--customers just pull out their phone. To them, the app is the card." - Russell White, The Fluerty Ginger Boutique

In additional to mobile Loyalty Cards, the Swiftic platform offers a host of tried-and-tested promotional app tools that facilitate customer engagement and drive business:

-Mobile Coupons enable small business owners to generate business by issuing exclusive in-app coupons to their clientele, treating them to special deals, discounts, and promotions.

-Mobile Forms allow business owners to collect customer feedback seamlessly and directly via the app.

-Push Notifications give small businesses direct and ongoing access to their patrons, encouraging engagement by alerting them about new merchandise, special events, fresh coupons, promotions, and more.

It took a great deal of work, determination, originality, and experience—we've earned our stripes, and they look something like this: In 2014, our hottest app feature— Swiftic's Mobile Loyalty Card—in itself, generated over 200,000 transactions for small businesses across the globe (219,755 and counting...). It's a tremendous achievement for us to have developed a tool that helps so many small businesses get and keep customers on this scale. And we continue to do it every day.

We've seen five years and over one million small business apps. We've studied, advised, and guided small business owners of every shape and kind across the globe. We've mined and analyzed mass amounts of data. And we are now a leading authority on what it takes to earn and keep customer loyalty in a mobile age, whether you're a local bakery, neighborhood grocer, exotic florist, or anything in between.


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