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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Technology

Consumer electronics, telecommunication services and technology brands are eligible for this award. Objectives include product launches, encouraging brand loyalty, promotions and deals and thought leadership initiatives.

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Motorola: #MotoSelfieStick
The second generation Moto X was introduced in the Fall of 2014, and received great reviews from tech influencers. But in the face of intense competition in the mobile category with constant device launches from a host of competitors, it was hard to get consumers in social talking about Moto X and its key features that made it standout from the re…
Burglar on Demand
Arlo's brand mission is Engineering A Worry-Free World—an ideal based on the fact that people work hard to pull together the resources to buy a home. They grow their families and, when they reach their mid-30s to early-40s, worry begins to creep into the back of their minds. Our goal in launching this brand has been to demonstrate how Arlo can pro…
Sony Mobile recruits spies on Twitter with #SiJetaisUnEspion (If I were an agent)
Official partner of the latest James Bond theatrical release, Sony Mobile France wanted to use James Bond fan enthusiasm to raise awareness for 007's official smartphone, the Xperia Z5.The goals:- To rise above the social noise, among the many other speeches of other official partners (Jaguar, Omega, Heineken, etc.).- Raise awareness of XperiaZ5 f…
Uber Safe
Drunk driving continues to be a major issue across the world. This is especially true at night, when alcohol-related accidents increase by 350%. But what if we could find a simple way to stop drunk drivers in their tracks by giving people a convenient and safer alternative? Uber provides a safe, reliable option to get home after a night of drinkin…


GE Healthcare cSound Campaign: 'Now Playing in 4D: Your Heart'
Our ultrasound business planned to launch a new cardiovascular ultrasound product in June 2015, the business' most critical innovation in 5 years. Cardiovascular ultrasound is used by cardiologists and interventional cardiologists to exam and diagnose heart conditions and to assist with invasive operations. The technology has been around for some time, but …
HPE 2016 Big Data Predictions Panel
Consumer trust is shifting from branded content to content provided by peers and influencers, who now dominate the conversation in the social media space. But in the Big Data category, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is far behind its competitors in establishing relationships with these influencers. So how did we get these influencers to write about HPE i…
HPE Matter: The Idea Economy
As Hewlett-Packard approached a formal separation of its Printers and Personal Systems (PPS) technologies and its enterprise solutions into two distinct companies, the company saw an opportunity to clearly define its role as an innovative provider of enterprise and service solutions, independent of its consumer technologies.On the heels of its major, twice-…
Introducing: OZO, The First VR Camera for Professional Content Creators
Nokia TECH was looking to disrupt the tech industry by shifting its focus to an entirely new market: virtual reality. RFI Studios worked with Nokia to devise an integrated marketing campaign that would build buzz around the Nokia brand and its reentrance into the tech world with OZO, the first VR camera designed for professional content creators.
LG Mobile USA - V10 Launch
Launch the new flagship model, the V10, while achieving a 2% increase in awareness compared to the previous major device launch.
Nickelodeon HALO Awards - 360 Concert Experience
Drum up buzz for Nickelodeon's pro-social award show, the HALO Awards, utilizing new technology integrated into the show campaign. The award show itself is a series of concerts help to honor kids who Help And Lead Others in their communities.
Olo Bags: "Please Draw _____ on the Bag"
Have you ever ordered food online and requested something in the "special instructions" field? Chances are, you may have asked for no utensils or maybe extra Sriracha. Some of the users of our platform have taken their "special instructions" in an entirely different direction - requesting drawings on their bags. The hundreds of special instructions requests…
Seekho Dell Se- Get Back to School with Dell India
Rote learning is one of the biggest hurdle in the Indian Education System. There lacks a skill based education system where many educational institutions and groups encourage mugging up in order to pass students through grades but do not emphasize on real understanding & learning of concepts.Dell's Back to School campaign 'SeekhoDellSe' comes from the obser…
Translating Tech with Avaya
The communications technology industry becomes more complicated, more cluttered and more complex every day. Increased telecommuting, heightened security demands, competitive innovation and the consumerization of IT are forcing constant evolution and keeping even category leaders on their toes.In 2015 Avaya, a telecommunications company still carrying a stig…
Visa #ChipReady Tour
Over the last several months, new payment cards with EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip technology has been issued to cardholders across the U.S. Most people don't know why they are getting a new card, why there is a chip in their card or how to use it. Chip cards, when used with chip-enabled payment terminals are more secure, than magnetic stripe card…
Visa Everywhere Lounge at South by Southwest
Visa identified the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival as a key opportunity to engage with an important audience. It was the first time in the company's history to have a presence at SXSW and wanted to show up in a big way. Visa was positioned as a digital leader bringing payment innovation to SXSW, deepened merchant partnerships using the "Everywhere Loung…