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Seekho Dell Se- Get Back to School with Dell India

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Rote learning is one of the biggest hurdle in the Indian Education System. There lacks a skill based education system where many educational institutions and groups encourage mugging up in order to pass students through grades but do not emphasize on real understanding & learning of concepts.

Dell's Back to School campaign 'SeekhoDellSe' comes from the observation that learning by rote can often feel like a punishment. It is dry, repetitive, uninteresting and quite mindless. It may lead to results, but not great learning.

– Identified objectives

Create a highly impactful and targeted campaign messaging that rises above the Back to School clutter with the target sale

Position the Dell All-in-One PC as the most fun and efficient learning & engagement tool for the kids and the family.

Strategy and Execution

The central idea of the Dell's Back to School campaign was to show that with technology learning can now be more engaging & fun, so that kids can actually understand what they are learning for better application in life.

Education often gets reduced to books, dry hard work, and mugging.

Takes away curiosity, interest and involvement. Studies are seen as a punishment.

Learning should be immersive, interesting and fun that helps develops the child's uniqueness

Thus arrived the idea: Learning the AIO (All in One) way. We looked at shifting routes from boring, regimented, uninteresting, rote based learning to fun interesting and interactive learning.

The content for the campaign was a mix of offers and the idea messaging- The new age way of Learning with Dell AIOs & Desktops.

To showcase how learning can be made fun with the help of dell technology, we conducted a social experiment with a bunch of kids.

These kids were divided into two batches, the first batch was taught a concept using traditional learning methods whereas the second batch were taught using interactive technology on Dell Inspiron All in one Desktops.

It proved how kids learnt better when they were taught using the Dell Inspiron AIOs & Desktops, in comparison to the traditional teaching methods.

This video was also shared on Dell's social media channels where is garnered positive reactions from parents and fans alike.

In order to promote the video on social media, Dell launched a property 'Anti Rote Day' where users were to pledge against the use of rote learning and say yes to interactive learning with Dell technology by sharing their unique slogans for the campaign.


This activity was a trending topic in India on Twitter on the day of it's launch and generated a total of 2,196 tweets and timeline deliveries of 1.3 Million.

This activity generated 100% positive conversations organically, there was no paid promotion for this social activity.

Scoopwhoop platform was leveraged for content marketing in the firm of retrospect articles, like "13 things we all did in school during Exam Season"

On Facebook it reached 84,800 people with over 470 people sharing their slogans for Anti Rote day.

The social experiment video received appreciation from our Facebook fans with over 20000+ views on Youtube and Facebook with no paid efforts/promotion.

#AntiRoteDay Social media activity received tremendous traction on Facebook and Twitter and trended in India the day of its launch.

Sales Performance:

- AIO/Desktop sell outs in Dell Exclusive Stores improved by 34% since program launch

- Estimate 2.1% QoQ share improvement (IDC results awaited)

- 6500 End user registrations on the consumer promo, - that's 90+ consumers availing offer every day!

The idea of incorporating technology in learning resonated with both parents as well as the younger audience. The entire campaign was received with a whopping 100% positive sentiment.


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Dell India Pvt Ltd


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