13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Gamification

This award honors a campaign or social app that best uses gaming elements to increase engagement and virality. Please note that the entry doesn't need to be for a game, it just needs to incorporate gaming mechanics such as points, leader boards, badges, incentives and challenges.

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#DesafioDoPintinho was an Instagram challenge, designed to go viral and to promote the comeback of one of the top Brazilian TV hosts, Gugu. It ran on February 2015, one week prior to the first airing, and consisted of Gugu himself dancing and singing his famous song, about a yellow little chick, on Instagram. He challenged three other people to do the sa…
120 Ways NY is Wild
When you think of the "wild" aspects of New York City, a family of gorillas doesn't usually come to mind, does it?However, when the Wildlife Conservation Society was looking to celebrate 120 years of saving wildlife while raising awareness and traffic to their parks, we wanted to do just that. After 20 years of stagnant traffic, they were looking to be top …
Are You A Kingsman?
This event was part of the Swedish launch of the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The target group was young; 15 to 30 yo. We wanted to raise awareness and buzz of the film title before the main outdoor and bought online campaign started. Instagram was our main channel and we wanted to build organic buzz.
Oscars® Play to Give presented by JCPenney
In 2014, JCPenney relaunched its brand with a commitment to "fit" the diversity of America's sizes, shapes, budgets, styles, and occasions. Although JCPenney successfully regained many of its core consumers after a failed rebranding effort, focus studies showed that JCPenney was still not perceived as being stylistically on-trend or culturally relevant. Wit…
Twitter can be a pretty rough place for teens. They are bombarded with negative messages about sex, drugs, alcohol, intolerance and body image. Over time, it has an effect. So the Partnership for Drug Free Kids and its Above The Influence initiative, gave kids a way to fight the negativity in the Twitterverse with a little positivity. PostivATI is a simple …
SunHealth Quest
•With the aging of population, there's a rising demand on Health and Accident product (H&A). For Sun Life to tap into this customer segment, a product SunHealth Medical Care is launched in JUL 2015.•To differentiate Sun Life as a national health advocate, we plan to connect the customer experience on mobile platform in a fun way to create awareness and enga…
World of MAX
As a brand that sells ice cream, Paddle Pop faces challenges in reaching our audience due to general guidelines and kids' behavior. To reach our extremely social 8-year-olds that aren't allowed on social networks, we created our own social platform in the form of a game featuring the brand's iconic characters to engage with kids.To engage and communicate wi…

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