13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best use of Video

This category honors the most creative and effective incorporation of video content in a social good or cause-based marketing campaign.

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Lessons of Auschwitz: VR tribute by school students
The Holocaust. One of the most inhumane events in history in which approximately 6 million Jews were deliberately and systematically exterminated during World War II by the nazis. The Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and its endless barracks in ruins, remain one of the world’s most painful memorial sites and serve as a living reminder of wha…
LinkedIn Changemakers launch video series, by Brands2Life
Social media can be a minefield of negativity, therefore a difficult place to have open and honest conversations about topics that matter. LinkedIn wanted to address this head on and help to drive paradigm shifts in working culture and related conversations, encouraging more transparent, trusted and frank dialogue around topics that are often tabo…
MTV Teen Code on Mental Health
MTV is in a unique position to harness its expansive library of IP to create new digital series — and reimagine iconic franchises — for a new generation of mobile-first audiences. The network has both reimagined classic formats, such as “Cribs” and “Girl Code” on Snapchat, while also creating digital series for the platform that are tethered to id…
Spot On Nightly: A one-night-only talk show all about periods, birth control, & tracking your cycle
Black, Latinx, transgender, and nonbinary communities disporportionately experience sexual and reproductive health issues.  According to the USHHS, while 80% of women develop fibroids by the time they reach age 50, Black women are two to three times more likely to have fibroids than their white counterparts. Similarly, Black women are two to…
Tackle Can Wait
People are more and more aware of the dangers of concussions for athletes. What is not very well-known is that concussions are just part of the story. Playing contact sports, especially football, often results in repeated hits. Each one causes brain trauma, even if it doesn’t cause a concussion. And these repetitive hits add up to long-term ris…


A New World by One Tree Planted
The world was turned upside down in March of 2020 when the seriousness of COVID-19 struck. One Tree Planted wanted to help refocus the public’s energy towards hope and the idea that we now have an opportunity to do things a different way. A way in which we care for one another and our planet. And there was no better time to do this than in celebration of Ea…
We are Olo, the on-demand platform for the restaurant industry, powering digital ordering and delivery programs for over 300 brands, including Wingstop, Subway, Five Guys, Shake Shack & more. Over 15 years ago, we set out to support the restaurant industry through the digital shift and when COVID-19 upended the world into chaos, we realized the opportunity …
JetBlue Healthcare Heroes
Objective: Win the hearts and minds of healthcare workers (and their loved ones) by amplifying JetBlue’s commitment to this community throughout the crisis, especially in our NYC hometown.   Goal #1 (Brand Performance): Increase First Choice, the best predictor of future market share, by 15%.  First Choice is the recommended key brand metric that best…
Kindness is Contagious
We have been creating holiday videos for 10 years to entertain our clients with some holiday cheer and showcase our creative chops outside of healthcare.  But for 2019, we wanted to do something different.  We wanted this year’s video to bring warmth and positivity not just to our clients, Klicksters, and their families, but as many people as possible…
Lift Every Voice: Black History Month
Celebrate and honestly reflect the experience of modern life through the lens of the Black community and Facebook groups.
Soñando con LaLiga
Diversity and inclusion is an important value for LaLiga as a global organization. Aligning this value with LaLiga North America’s commitment to develop local soccer talent, the organization entered into a multi-year partnership with Alianza de Futbol, the largest and most prestigious Hispanic amateur soccer program in the country. Alianza works to create o…
Want to Fight Climate Change? Keep Nature Intact
We’ve long known that people need nature for a stable climate. Keeping nature intact will to prevent future pandemics AND build resilience to the climate change impacts to come. In that vein, Conservation International produced this video to show that reforestation should be a top priority in climate action. And to urge the public to join a global movement …

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