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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Soñando con LaLiga

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Diversity and inclusion is an important value for LaLiga as a global organization. Aligning this value with LaLiga North America’s commitment to develop local soccer talent, the organization entered into a multi-year partnership with Alianza de Futbol, the largest and most prestigious Hispanic amateur soccer program in the country. Alianza works to create opportunities for youth participation and development, specifically within the Hispanic community, a group that has been marginalized within the larger youth soccer development system in the U.S. 

As a part of the partnership, LaLiga committed to providing undiscovered Alianza all stars with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Spain for a week-long tour featuring training and player development sessions in front of LaLiga scouts. The selection experience that occurred during the annual Sueño Alianza National Showcase and subsequent experience in Spain was captured in Soñando con LaLiga, a content series that aired across LaLiga channels. 

The initiative helped provide an opportunity and platform to a group that often is overlooked within the larger soccer community, meeting LaLiga’s objective in launching the partnership and project.

Strategy and Execution

As America’s population becomes more diverse, this will be reflected within the modern sports fan. Already, a large portion of sports fans across the country are Hispanic and yet, in sports development programs, this group is often left behind. LaLiga’s collaboration with Alianza shines a light on the talent within this community and aims to rectify the inequality that stems from bias and a pay to play system. 

The opportunity provided through this program was a dream realized for many of the players and families involved. The series explores the nuances of the experience and includes interviews with players, detailing their journey to discovery throughout the Allstate Sueño Alianza National Showcase and what led them to this trip, their backgrounds, and their expectations for the future. These stories have pulled at the heartstrings of sports fans around the country.

In addition to diversity, modern sports fans are committed to social good initiatives and respect organizations that live by their values. LaLiga took this to heart in launching the partnership and subsequent flyaway experience that is highlighted within the content series. The authentic synergies in Alianza and LaLiga’s mission is apparent, which is valued by the modern sports fan.


Soñando con LaLiga was well received across the industry. To date it has accumulated over half a million impressions and 200 thousand video views. Distribution occurred across LaLiga’s social media channels in North America. The short form series was targeted towards a multicultural audience, who was able to easily follow the human stories that appeared in each episode. 

Soñando con LaLiga is an example of a successful, multilingual content project in North America. As more sports organizations look to engage beyond the general market sports fan, LaLiga’s approach to diversity in its stories and language serves as an inspiration on how to navigate this section of content effectively. 
The project at its core is one of inclusivity and sets a tone of empowerment of marginalized communities that we’ll likely see more of in the coming year. The authenticity in execution starting with the mission of the project and ending with the powerful stories shown in Soñando con LaLiga is a model that other teams and leagues should follow in their execution of content.

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