Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in Education

This award honors a program, project, or initiative that addresses education inside and outside of the classroom. Educational institutions, programs and services are eligible for this award. Objectives may include educational equity, engaging current students and parents and thought leadership.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Vodacom eSchool – connecting learners for a better future in a time of Covid-19
Many children in South Africa go to school without books.  As a Purpose-led organization that uses technology to connect people for a better future, Vodacom believes that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to the many and not just the fortunate few. Education is one of the Vodacom Foundation’s key f…
#MBAchicTakeover Series
As more women pursue their potential and make their way into the C-suite and into leadership positions, business, government and society benefit. MBAchic is a community and platform for MBA and professional women focused on making investing in education and careers, to propel them into those C-suites and positions, more accessible. The #MBAchicTak…
Backpacks for a Bright Future: Effectv Helps Kids in Need
In 2019, there was an estimated 15 million American children living in poverty. As a result, school supplies are hard to come by, making learning in the classroom challenging. Moreover, 99% of teachers purchased school supplies with personal funds last year, solidifying the need for classrooms and students to have even the most basic of supplies. …
Keep Learning and Stay Safe Under COVID-19 Through K-Pop
1.5 billion students and youth across the planet have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to urge the world to unite in support of these 1.5 billion learners, Millenasia partnered with non-profit organization Varkey Foundation, UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition and K-pop artists to create “Be…
Limitless Lila
Students at any grade level have different needs in order to feel challenged and supported in the classroom. Sometimes, public school fits the bill. For Lila -- who is, in her mother's words, "a beautiful, vivacious eight-year-old little girl...who just happens to have Down Syndrome" -- it didn't. Her public school wasn't equipped to help her thri…
Teaching is Powerful
Every day in this country, teachers, principals, and other school officials punish thousands of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous children more often and more harshly than white children, thereby denying them access to educational opportunities. According to Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Director of TeachingWorks and former dean of the University of Michig…


Chegg.org State of the Student Series
For the last two years, Chegg.org has published an annual State of the Student Report, which highlights insights from students across a representative spectrum of demographics and colleges, and examines the most important issues facing them both on and off-campus, including the cost of education, barriers to education, food insecurity, mental health, and on…
Connecting Louisiana Students
Remote learning has become a lifeline to education for kids in 2020. However, not all students are fortunate enough to have access to broadband internet. Rural and underserved youth need legislators to cut the red tape so they can get affordable, reliable internet and stay on pace with their education.
DBS-ITE Financial Literacy Curriculum Partnership
A 2017 financial planning attitudes survey commissioned by Singapore's MoneySense Council found that Singaporeans generally understand what it takes to be financially healthy, but knowledge does not necessarily translate to action. DBS Bank's follow-up data study found that Singapore tertiary students only had enough emergency savings to last them 1 week to…
ELLEN + Box Tops for Education
Since 1996, schools across the country have earned over $934 million for educational resources through the Box Tops for Education program. In 2019, Box Tops for Education made it easier than ever for anyone to participate by updating the entry mechanic from clipping Box Tops on product packaging to scanning receipts through their app. The app instantly iden…
Ignite My Future in School
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 there will be one million more computer science-related jobs than graduating students qualified to fill them. Ignite My Future in Schools (IMFIS) aims to change that by equipping today’s students—and tomorrow’s workforce—with the training and resources to think computationally. With a goal of reachin…
Museum’s Closure Due to COVID-19 Opens New Opportunity to Teach Holocaust History
Each year, 1.7 million visitors tour the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to learn about Holocaust history, honor the victims, and recognize the resilience of Holocaust survivors. With Museum doors temporarily closed during our busiest season due to COVID-19, we wanted our audience to know that learning about the Holocaust doesn’t have to stop.  S…
Qatar Resilience Campaign
Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, Qatar Foundation (QF) launched a campaign promoting the Foundation’s commitment to innovation and readiness in responding, proactively, to the unexpected challenges caused by the crisis. This campaign, which we named the Qatar Resilience Campaign (QRC), reflects the pivotal role of the QF community in supporting the country's …
Spot On Nightly: A one-night-only talk show all about periods, birth control, & tracking your cycle
Black, Latinx, transgender, and nonbinary communities disporportionately experience sexual and reproductive health issues.  According to the USHHS, while 80% of women develop fibroids by the time they reach age 50, Black women are two to three times more likely to have fibroids than their white counterparts. Similarly, Black women are two to three tim…
T-Mobile #TossYourCap TikTok Challenge
2020 is a year unlike any other.  And the Class of 2020 is unlike any other.  Because of this, T-Mobile wanted to give graduates the opportunity to celebrate this important milestone through an experience tailored to this year's graduating class - creating the ultimate cap toss moment virtually on TikTok. T-Mobile also committed $200,000 to support Jo…
TRUE JUSTICE: Creating Spaces For Truth & Reconciliation Through Film
True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality follows 30 years of Equal Justice Initiative's important work on behalf of the poor and incarcerated. The film is the winner of a Peabody Award, The American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award, the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications’s 26th annual Vision Award, and has been nominate…
WE Teachers
Going into her 5th year of teaching, Mrs. Stephanie Hosansky thought she had all the tools to be successful. This past year was her first year teaching 5th grade at a new school and it’s proven to be the most difficult yet. "My number one goal for coming here was to reach the students and help them become the best versions of themselves," Mrs. Hosansky says…