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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

T-Mobile #TossYourCap TikTok Challenge

Finalist in TikTok, Influencer & Celebrity

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2020 is a year unlike any other. 

And the Class of 2020 is unlike any other. 

Because of this, T-Mobile wanted to give graduates the opportunity to celebrate this important milestone through an experience tailored to this year's graduating class - creating the ultimate cap toss moment virtually on TikTok. T-Mobile also committed $200,000 to support Jobs for America’s Graduates, a national nonprofit helping graduates achieve success - with each cap toss sparking a $5 donation. 



Strategy and Execution

Insight: 💬

The tossing of the cap is a graduation tradition where the entire class comes together in celebration. This year, students won’t be able to celebrate physically - so we enabled the same experience digitally/socially. 


Idea: 💡

T-Mobile wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of the Class of 2020 and their achievements during a year unlike any other. We launched the #TossYourCap Hashtag Challenge in May of 2020, bringing the ultimate virtual cap toss to life through TikTok.


How it worked: 🎓


Why TikTok: 🎶

TikTok creates an environment designed for users to collaborate and build upon each other’s content. It acts as a creative & cultural incubator, with trends originating on the platform then branching out to other social channels. Users are receptive to what brands can bring to the community as long as their presence adds value to the user’s experience, facilitates creativity.

Proof Points:


The #TossYourCap Challenge Step-By-Step 📝


T-Mobile leveraged strategic partnerships to provide graduates with unique and celebratory content during these unprecedented times as well as opportunities for connection - virtually. In addition, the timely and culturally relevant nature of a graduation initiative allowed T-Mobile to authentically connect with consumers at scale. 


T-Mobile’s inaugural TikTok campaign proved to be a success in driving brand awareness and consideration as well as showcasing our support of graduates across the nation during this critical milestone. The #TossYourCap Challenge clearly resonated with the digitally savvy Gen Z audience on the app with a 94% positive sentiment. T-Mobile quickly hit it’s donation goal of $200,000 for Jobs for America’s Graduates - providing valuable scholarship funding for graduates.  


The #TossYourCap Challenge Results between 5/14-5/31: 


Since the campaign launched in May our #TossYourCap challenge page has hit 2.5B views on TikTok! 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

T-Mobile, 160over90, Conill Advertising, Essence Global, Premier Music Group, Acceleration


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