5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

The regular deadline is on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020.

From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in News and Media

This award recognizes the most effective use of digital and/or traditional media channels to disseminate news and information that will make the world a better place. Submissions for both coverage of specific news events and for overall performance will be accepted.


Dove: Dear Media
“Hot blonde.” “Huge nipples.” “Her ass is quality.” Somehow it’s become acceptable for the media to judge women by their appearance instead of their accomplishments. And elite athletes are no exception. When women compete at the largest sporting events in the world, commentators from television, radio and print focus on how they look instead of w…
Mashable Social Good
Mashable's Social Good channel provides news and resources on social impact, activism, philanthropy and world-changing innovation for the digital generation. Its coverage is a driving force behind the annual Social Good Summit, which is now in its seventh year, and brings together world leaders, grassroots activists, celebrities and citizens to di…
Orlando Shooting Coverage
When a gunman opened fire inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the early morning hours of June 12, killing 49 people and wounding dozens more, shock waves and heartache reverberated throughout the country. For Fusion, a news organization devoted to diversity, inclusion, and amplifying marginalized voices, the massacre—which targeted LGBTQ you…
TYT Network
"Social Security is going bankrupt!" - "Global Warming is a hoax!" - "Saddam Hussein Has Weapons of Mass Destruction!"At TYT, we take pride in puncturing these myths, and telling different stories - stories based on facts, on reason, on truth, and on a fierce determination to uncover the lies, duplicity and nonsense perpetuated by some of the esta…


'Illegal birth' in Qatar
In December 2012, Catherine, a Philippines national, emailed Doha News journalist Victoria Scott to ask about Qatar's laws regarding giving birth unmarried. Unfortunately, her questions - and Victoria's answers - came too late.Catherine gave birth two weeks later, and was arrested in hospital in Doha shortly afterwards. Her crime: being a single mother. Her…
Channel One News
It's an issue affecting millions of young people across the country – bullying. According to StopBully.org, almost 1 in 3 US students in grades 6–12 experience bullying. While, more than 70% of young people say they have witnessed bullying in their schools. In honor of October's Bullying Prevention Month, Channel One News shed a spotlight on the issue of bu…
GIF't A Tree
NBC Universal committed once again to planting thousands of trees this holiday season. But it was important to extend that simple donation even further by bringing more people into the conversation and developing a stronger relationship between its partner the Arbor Day Foundation, and potential donors and volunteers.Holiday giving often centers around help…
Logo 2016 Election Coverage with Raymond Braun
The objective of Logo's 2016 Election Coverage with LGBT advocate and social media star, Raymond Braun, is to highlight issues that face the LGBT community and to cover the 2016 election cycle through an LGBT lens. Oftentimes, LGBT voices and perspectives have been left out of the greater conversation, and through this initiative, Logo aims to fill that voi…
Point Taken: Civil debate through social media
In a year filled with contentious political rhetoric, Point Taken is a multi-platform initiative that integrates digital, social, and broadcast television to create a new forum for civil debate. Bringing together diverse viewpoints, hard facts, humor, and convincing arguments, this new public television series seeks to revitalize thoughtful, respectful disc…
SouriaLi Radio
SouriaLi is a response to the need for professional socially-responsible and independent media, & a part of an ever-changing Syria in an evolving world. We are here to help our audience of Syrians and non-Syrians to remain civil, positive, hopeful, and strong with an everlasting faith. We want to inspire them towards pro-active citizenship, to be part of th…

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