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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

SouriaLi Radio

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SouriaLi is a response to the need for professional socially-responsible and independent media, & a part of an ever-changing Syria in an evolving world. We are here to help our audience of Syrians and non-Syrians to remain civil, positive, hopeful, and strong with an everlasting faith. We want to inspire them towards pro-active citizenship, to be part of the solution and not the problem. Whether in the exile or inside Syria, we aim at giving voice to the voiceless, bringing awareness to important matters & crucial issues, promote solutions to the crisis, and gathering people around marginalized and forgotten narrations from their history, culture & heritage.

Our messaging reaches more than 450,000 individuals online & via social media, all tuning to SouriaLi's diversified and rich daily and easily-accessible 24/7 programming; with over three millions hits since SouriaLi started in October 15, 2012

We aim to:

- To bring hope to our audiences and empower them.

- To help our audience make informative decisions by giving them knowledge and valuable information.

- To create a virtual home where sociocultural identity is expressed safely.

- To provide a space that is less cluttered with politicised messages.

- To provide a space where people can easily express themselves and talk to each other.

- To continuously answer the basic three questions: "how we can better express ourselves?", "How can we better listen to each other?", and "how can we better run a respectful and rewarding dialogue?".

Strategy and Execution

Our mission is to "Give Voice to the Voiceless", and our message includes delivering Home, Hope and Heed to our audiences.SouriaLi produces over 20 shows targeting syrians everywhere.

We intentionally and consciously want to help Syrians (and MENA region citizens) to make informative decisions by empowering them with knowledge. Enriching our audience lives by bringing positiveness and meanings such as "Yes I can do" and "bright future".

We believe in the human intrinsic values and we are committed to people's daily lives but not within the sense of providing them with what they only want to hear, but also what would bring us and them towards better development as individuals and as a whole society.


In term of content According to internal and external evaluations, engagement and feedback from audience, and reports written about us, SouriaLi's content today is considered to be of high quality, innovative and creative, straight to the point yet with a subtle approach, rich and diverse, and most importantly is known to be consistent in production and development. Many media outlets have followed SouriaLi's steps and produced elements very similar to SouriaLi's, which makes SouriaLi a trend creator in Syria, if not in the region. Even though our production has been followed more than 5 million times (from our direct radio stream, our website, our communication channel on SoundCloud and YouTube, and finally our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), yet we believe that the personal success stories we receive from our audiences, and the inspirational anecdotes we collect in our daily monitoring of the feedback in each successful expressive dialogue, is what makes our results quite impactful.


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Vision, SouriaLi Radio


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