Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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Best Community or Employee Engagement

This award honors the most effective community or employee engagement strategies on social media and digital. Internal campaigns and employee communication strategies, external community building and outreach efforts, and talent recognition programs are all eligible.


Barbie’s 5-Minute Crafts
To further engage its digital fan base and place Barbie alongside the types of shareable online content that have become increasingly appealing to brands and advertisers, Mattel looked to The Soul Publishing and the 5-Minute Crafts’ creative team to develop a concept for Barbie-branded do-it-yourself [DIY] “hack” and craft-based content. The goal …
Future of Awesome Tour
In 2019, Comcast kicked off its Future of Awesome Tour, a live, employee-focused, high-engagement, immersive experience. It provided the opportunity to learn about and interact with Xfinity’s innovations firsthand. Unfortunately, the current health crisis forced Comcast to halt the tour.   A new “world” needed to be created. The goal was str…
Unfollow Bias
Unfollow Bias was an internal, global campaign at Facebook Company that sheds light on the many biases that exist in corporate workplaces around the world. The goal is to inspire people to “Unfollow Bias'' from the most prevalent workplace biases - Race, Gender, LGBTQ+, Age, and Disability. The purpose of the campaign was to increase diversity …
Winnebago "On The Road Again"
Winnebago owners longed for a sense of community, as stay-at-home orders kept them from the travel and people they loved.  The primary goal was to bring them “back together” by inspiring our community to share memories from the road as well as give them hope for the journeys ahead. To create that sense of community amongst Winnebago owners, …
Zendesk 'Thank You Machine'
In 2020, Zendesk wanted a fresh way to engage audiences. The world was overflowing with virtual events, so the company set out to build an experience that engaged customers—differently. Everything Zendesk makes is driven by the notion of helpfulness. The service-first CRM company builds software that helps billions of businesses solve customer …


#oneteam Campaign
Last March, we watched the entire world come to a sudden halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the world of sports was no exception. For a business that lives and breathes live action, we had to find a new normal, but our commitment to serve sports fans never wavered. It was time for us to come together — as one team — to help each other in a time of unpre…
BlackRock: What’s your why?
The purpose of this activation was to inspire BlackRock employees to connect with the greater purpose of BlackRock of helping more and more people experience financial well-being. We did this by showcasing the stories of BlackRock employees around the world who are connecting their personal passions to BlackRock’s purpose through the things they do every da…
Design Leadership Forum
Over the years, we have seen design leaders solving similar problems at different companies. Leaders everywhere were establishing digital design teams, growing them, and maturing them. We know from many design leaders that this is a very lonely journey. So here at InVision we asked ourselves a question: how might we help?  We had a simple hypothesis: if …
ElectroCraft Pandemic Response to our Employees and Partners
In the very first uncertain days of the Pandemic lockdown, ElectroCraft understood that this was a significant event for the World, and our Global and Local employees.  However, as an essential manufacturer of motors and motion control equipment used directly in the medical field hit hardest by the pandemic, we knew we would have to find a way to help our e…
As the effects of COVID-19 were felt by individuals and organizations worldwide, the way in which we work was drastically altered. Despite the unprecedented situation, we continued to support our clients by providing the insights, advice, and tools to help them achieve their mission-critical priorities. Gartner’s social media & employer brand team is res…
Light the Way
We wanted to enroll prospective patients into our CRM database, but for us, it wasn’t just about helping patients living with psoriasis find the medication that could help them. It was about really connecting with them and offering them suggestions on how to live more comfortably, even without the medication. It was to establish a relationship with our pros…
Register to Vote at Saks
In honor of National Voter Registration Day, Saks Fifth Avenue launched “Register to Vote at Saks” on September 22, 2020. This initiative aimed to educate the community on the importance of voting by utilizing Saks’ platform to foster voter accessibility and rights, and provide a seamless experience to prepare for the upcoming election through an integrativ…
The Green Bean Queen
Through community management efforts, Green Giant aims to build a stronger emotional connection between fans and the brand, turning mentions into account growth and customers into loyal advocates. We strive to treat every fan like an influencer, and in the case of Roxy, the #GreenBeanQueen, a few small acts of kindness snowballed into a genuine friendship, …
Together When We’re Apart
The world’s worst pandemic of the last 100 years has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. The same holds true at Hormel Foods, one of the largest global branded food companies in existence. As company leaders huddled to devise a plan to keep team members safe while continuing to make and get food in the hands of consumers, members of the corporate com…
USATF Week of Thanks
USA Track & Field executed a weeklong celebration of its more than 100,000 members in an online USATF Week of Thanks campaign, November 23-29, 2020. In the first of its kind, the campaign featured giveaways, member spotlight features and special content created specifically for USATF Week of Thanks. Goals:  Increase USATF member satisfaction Show…
Wondering About Waymo
Waymo started as Google’s self-driving car project in 2009. In 2016, it spun out to become an independent company under Alphabet with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. For over a decade, Waymo has been developing its fully autonomous driving technology—better known as the Waymo Driver. The technology has be…