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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Future of Awesome Tour

Finalist in Community or Employee Engagement


In 2019, Comcast kicked off its Future of Awesome Tour, a live, employee-focused, high-engagement, immersive experience. It provided the opportunity to learn about and interact with Xfinity’s innovations firsthand. Unfortunately, the current health crisis forced Comcast to halt the tour.


A new “world” needed to be created. The goal was straightforward, but complex: to transform the in-person tour into a virtual reality experience, while maintaining its core essence.


To meet this goal, the world needed to deliver on three key business objectives:

  1. Engagement: From interactive games to meaningful educational experiences, the world keeps employees engaged for the duration of a visit, over and over again.
  2. Scalability: The virtual world scales in all directions. Its accessible, mobile-ready, sustains a large number of employees in real-time and uses single sign-on.
  3. Analytics: The virtual world tracks user behavior to provide the data and insights needed to make informed decisions.


Beyond these objectives, the world was called upon to accomplish even more. This wasn’t just another virtual experience. It was an escape from the everyday rigor of the newfound working environment, and, in many ways, a relief valve from the pressures of a locked-down life. The world inspired to:

Strategy and Execution

Future of Awesome Tour is a shift, certainly. But, by taking the essence of an in-person, immersive event and making it virtual, an even more engaging, exciting and meaningful experience—with the power to reach even more employees—was created.


To accomplish this, GO2 and Elevux developed a comprehensive strategy. The approach included must-haves like:


To implement the world, advanced 3D modeling technology was used. Just like in the live version, employees can visit interactive booths, find on-stage entertainment and play Xfinity-themed games. Unique experiences include:


The world has become quite vast, and it’s changing on a weekly basis. In the future, areas and games for the Olympics will be added, as well as personal avatars.


Upon sign in, any employee can quickly dive into the fun—including earning points (Tour Miles) and winning prizes. In fact, almost every experience helps employees earn Tour Miles, which can be redeemed for real world swag. The more employees discover, the more Tour Miles they earn. To encourage regular visits, there is a daily challenge called Trivia Track.


Virtual Future of Awesome Tour is unlike anything Comcast has ever done. It gives employees sought-after content, while also showcasing Xfinity’s superiority and innovation. Additionally:


Future of Awesome Tour was created to showcase new and innovative technology. Introducing these advancements to employees via a digital experience also creates engagement and excitement.


Future of Awesome Tour has expanded access to Xfinity’s sales content and given Comcast employees an engaging learning environment. They now experience the Xfinity brand in a memorable way and retain information about its latest innovations.



Some quotes from our players: 

I get emotional but happy to be working for this amazing company 


Video for Future of Awesome Tour

Entrant Company / Organization Name

GO2 Partners, Elevux and Renegade, Comcast- Xfinity Sales Enablement

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