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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Unfollow Bias

Audience Honor in Community or Employee Engagement


Unfollow Bias was an internal, global campaign at Facebook Company that sheds light on the many biases that exist in corporate workplaces around the world. The goal is to inspire people to “Unfollow Bias'' from the most prevalent workplace biases - Race, Gender, LGBTQ+, Age, and Disability.

The purpose of the campaign was to increase diversity and inclusion training sign-ups via the Unfollow Bias website.

Unfollow Bias aims to do three things:

Strategy and Execution

Workplace bias is very real. Too many people have unfortunately experienced its power to silence co-workers, stifle growth, and limit potential.

But how do you bring people into the conversation, instead of just calling them out?

We conducted a multi-national study to help inform and influence the campaign. And we told stories inspired by people at Facebook. All the bias mentioned in the work was backed in hard data.

We produced the films with a representative cast to ensure the work would resonate with people from all walks of (corporate) life.

We made a conscious effort not to cast real Facebook employees to protect their identities. We also wanted to ensure that the films could resonate across people’s work experiences throughout their career, beyond Facebook.

To help people take action and “Unfollow Bias,” we created a way for employees to easily click through the work and sign up for anti-bias training.


The campaign was extremely successful. It garnered engagement from Facebook employees (sparked conversation), and it helped continue the journey of building empathy for workplace bias. Most importantly, the work drove change. 

Over 4,400+ employees took action and signed up for Facebook’s “Be the Ally” training course. The campaign was also able to drive company diversity goals.

On top of sign ups, the campaign reached 60K employees. Smashing benchmark watch-through rates by 3x the average. 

Facebook employees found the campaign impactful and effective, with 71% of employees reporting that they believe the campaign was good for the company and 29% reporting that it increased their awareness of workplace microaggressions. 


Video for Unfollow Bias

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Facebook Company, Creative X & Cartwright


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