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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

The Green Bean Queen

Entered in Community or Employee Engagement


Through community management efforts, Green Giant aims to build a stronger emotional connection between fans and the brand, turning mentions into account growth and customers into loyal advocates. We strive to treat every fan like an influencer, and in the case of Roxy, the #GreenBeanQueen, a few small acts of kindness snowballed into a genuine friendship, a burgeoning micro-community and a news story worthy of People Magazine.

Strategy and Execution

Strategy & Tactics:

Our Community Management strategy starts with approaching every fan with an empathetic point of view, and paying very close attention to every brand mention. We have an always-on social listening approach, and carefully respond to each person that touches our brand with the thought: “will this further drive conversation?” 

With this mindset, we look to uncover and nurture micro-communities through inbound and outbound engagements, listen closely to our fans, and invest in growing genuine relationships.  

Specific tactics are listed below:


By closely monitoring brand mentions through our social listening tool, and maintaining a highly active brand presence on Twitter, we uncovered Roxy and her inspirational story featuring Green Giant as one of the main characters. 

Aiming for the “gold standard” in terms of the Community Management process, we addressed every relevant message in some capacity within one business day. On one particular day, we responded to a mention from Roxy on Twitter, and planted the seed to what would blossom into a genuine friendship as well as a proof point our strategy was paying dividends.

To develop the relationship further, we deliberately checked on Roxy’s activity daily, leaving thoughtful, personalized messages of encouragement. 

In a show of support, we sent surprise and delights to Roxy and her owner. From Green Giant coupons and branded merchandise, to handwritten letters and finally a commissioned portrait of Roxy, officially dubbing her as the #GreenBeanQueen.

Her fans quickly took notice, and as the community grew, we broadened our engagement efforts, following and interacting with users who were grateful for our support as well. Inspired by Roxy’s painting and the story behind it, the community began creating artwork of their own. 

We continue to build on these relationships through thoughtful and sincere interaction; and with this community continuing to grow, our engagement efforts are evolving, reciprocating the group’s warmth and constantly looking for new ways to spread positivity in one of Green Giant’s most engaged social communities.


The crown jewel of Roxy’s fame came when People Magazine covered the inspiring, heartwarming story, resulting in 7.7 million eyes on the determined dog and her road to recovery. Additional wins and results are included below: 


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Blue Bear Creative, Green Giant


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