13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Online Community

This award honors the management of an online community to effectively engage with, collaborate with and grow it's participants.

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"The Sopranos"
Never before have so many quality shows vied for our eyeballs. While the classic tagline “It’s not TV. It’s HBO” made perfect sense in 1999, the premium cable channel must compete with compelling offerings from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, FX, AMC, and many other TV channels today. HBO asked us to devise a program for the 20th anni…
Euphoria Community
The first season of Euphoria took a raw and unapologetic approach to the sensitive issues facing Gen Z today. The show was unlike anything HBO had made before and was a chance to invite a younger audience to the network -- and more importantly, to empathize with a generation that’s truly overlooked.  When launching Euphoria, HBO knew that social m…
In 2019, pop-up stores from brands across the consumer spectrum had become both ubiquitous, yet also a bit ridiculous. Brands with no business creating pop-ups tried their best to tap into the trend, and whether it's walking down the street or scrolling through social media, these stores—with their long lines and extravagant merchandise—had become…
Target Fam
Target has become more than just a store to visit. It has grown to be an oasis from stress, a home for joy, and a place to be accepted as you are for everyone -- but especially parents. We set out to create a safe space for Target parents to connect, create community, and be open and honest about their parenting experiences without fear of judgmen…
The New Face of Greatness
It's time to shine a spotlight on the developers spearheading change. Breakthroughs happen everywhere all the time. We set out to find inspiration from groundbreakers who’ve cracked the uncrackable, coding pioneers like you—and like us—with (sometimes tall) tales to tell about the changing trends in development. The New Face of Greatness campaign …


Betches Brides Communty
Betches is a digital media brand for millennial and gen z women that produces hilarious, authentic, and binge-worthy social content, podcasts, video series, and articles. Founded in 2011, Betches has since expanded to become a robust, digital destination that boasts a strong social media presence through their Instagram, @Betches, with more than 6.9M follow…
Lucifer S4: The Lucifans
Much like Lucifer, who was banished to the depths of hell, the show bearing his name was dealt a similar fate when it was canceled by FOX. However, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Lucifer was not only saved from the outcry of fans, but found it’s new home on a new platform: Netflix. But how does one take a series that was deemed unworthy by primetime …
Quick Fix - IGTV Series
In 2019, one of the main goals of the Stitch Fix marketing team was to drive brand relevance by creating meaningful cultural and emotional connections with our consumers and existing clients.  To support this objective, the content team set the goal of experimenting with new content types and growing our video programming across channels, starting with I…
The Fur-endly Exploding Kittens Online Community
Exploding Kittens is at the forefront of the tabletop renaissance by building one of the most engaged communities in the industry. Since establishing the largest Kickstarter community during its initial launch in 2015, the forum of over 200,000 strong still serves as the digital epicenter of the Exploding Kittens online community where comic, tabletop game,…
The LIVESTRONG.com Challenge Group
The LIVESTRONG.com Challenge Group on Facebook was established to support people on their health journeys, regardless of age or fitness level. We wanted to create a safe, non-judgmental community for anyone who wished to take charge of their health by eating better and getting active, as well as give people the opportunity to support, motivate and hold each…
The Points Guy Community
At The Points Guy, we had a dilemma in 2017. Our content, ranging from travel, airlines, points and miles, credit cards, and more, is thorough—highly technical in some cases for the advanced audience that we’ve garnered since our inception in 2010. But with this detail came an inherent challenge: How do we connect the highly technical with the basics, and h…
~ join the PEN15 club ~
In the year 2000, our relationship with the internet was just getting started; now, the whole world is on our Buddy List. For those of us who were teens in that era, it was a time of unbreakable BFF-ships, butterfly clips, AIM away messages and entirely too much Gap “Dream.” This nostalgia was our campaign superpower. Our Homework Bring Hulu’s Original …

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