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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best in News

This award recognizes the most effective use of social media to disseminate news and information. Submissions for both coverage of specific news events and for overall performance will be accepted.

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Channel 4 News approached 4creative with a challenge to engage 16-34 year olds in a new, exciting and innovative way. A compulsory requirement from Ofcom, driven by the fact that fewer youngsters are watching the news on TV (across any channel).
CNN wanted to provide an interactive and engaging experience for their viewers and give them an insider's pass to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, even when there was no direct media coverage inside the event. The goal was to create a real-time social broadcast around the event, whilst increasing viewership and website traffic.
Election 2016: Too Many Cooks
In Spring 2015, dozens of politicians from both parties were considering a bid for the presidency. We wanted to show a broad audience how sprawling the race for the White House was, and portray the massive amount of time, people and resources that go into it. Instead of tackling the story with a traditional video package, essay or listicle, CNN Politics par…
Fox News & Facebook Live Debate
For the first Republican Presidential Debate of the 2016 election, Fox News wanted to make the debate a truly social and interactive event and transform the viewer's experience to be highly participative and engaging. The goal of the campaign was to give the electorate a voice and opportunity to directly challenge the candidates, giving the nation a chance …
How Long It Took Police to Arrest a Retired NFL Star for Rape (by ProPublica)
Last year, ProPublica investigated the cross-country rape spree of retired NFL star Darren Sharper. Our story examined law enforcement's handling of the Sharper case — and how he was able to evade arrest for three years, despite numerous complaints filed against him in four states. What took the police so long? And what was the impact of their failures? Our…
Law and Batting Order
"Law and Batting Order" is a video blog created and hosted by New York Law School graduate Tony Iliakostas. The central objective of LABO is to discuss legal developments in sports in plain English for anyone to understand, whether you're a lawyer or just a die-hard sports fan. New episodes are uploaded every week and they vary from analysis of the most pr…
MSNBC Digital Decision 2014 and 2016
For MSNBC's audience of political junkies, election season is akin to the the NFL playoffs and an election day itself, the Super Bowl. With that in mind, MSNBC makes a priority of building exciting, interactive digital campaigns to inform, engage, and empower MSNBC's loyal community of passionate progressives.During the 2014 midterm elections and leading up…
TestTube News
Focused on asking curious and everyday questions about the world, culture, politics, conflict and belief, TestTube News' main objectives are to approach storytelling and news reporting in a way that provides context to an overwhelming and often bias-filled landscape while remaining objective and accessible to build a community of lifelong learners, those wh…