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TestTube News

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Focused on asking curious and everyday questions about the world, culture, politics, conflict and belief, TestTube News' main objectives are to approach storytelling and news reporting in a way that provides context to an overwhelming and often bias-filled landscape while remaining objective and accessible to build a community of lifelong learners, those who pursue the full story behind what they see in the news, and continue those dialogues and questions with their networks. TestTube News explores world news together with their audience, addressing the need for generationally relevant news content on emerging media platforms.

Strategy and Execution

In order to reach the new generation of online content consumers on emerging media platforms, TestTube News designed a data-informed call-to-action and cross promotion system with content across a variety of video platforms, including YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. They have extended audience participation through emerging platforms such as Snapchat, soliciting viewer feedback, showcasing the work of the production team, and allowing fans to interact directly with the beloved hosts of the series. TestTube News has developed numerous popular series including "How Powerful Is…", an ongoing summary of a given country or group's military and economic power, and "Can't We All Just Get Along", a special look into the relations between conflicted nations or groups across the globe. The team also built a strategic partnership with the United Nations to showcase the work and message of the global organization and convey it to a millennial audience. This partnership included the Paris climate conference COP21, Social Good Summit, UN 70th Anniversary and UN Portals project.


o Growth of over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube in 2015

o Growth of over 200,000 social followers in 2015

o Maintained an unprecedented 3.8% click-through rate on related content promotion strategy

o Became a trusted source for news on YouTube, including establishment in the top 1% of Google-preferred sponsor channels

o Recorded a 3.3% engagement rate from the audience, well above the industry norm


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Discovery Digital Networks


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