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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Auto

This award honors the best use of social media and digital by an auto brand or auto dealer. Objectives may include crowd-sourced concept and design, customer engagement via custom apps, buzzworthy events and promotions (online & offline), and building a loyal community, among others.

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Smaht Park Super Bowl Integrated Campaign
We launched the all-new 2020 Sonata on Super Bowl Sunday with an eye to its advanced style and technology, particularly the new Remote Smart Parking Assist feature. That feature, when shortened to the colloquial  “Smart Park,” and delivered in the uniquely “R-challenged” local accent of Boston, Massachusetts, became the instantly memorable “Smaht …
The New Power Suit
Ford's automotive reputation is centuries in the making. According to a recent survey though, consumers viewed the brand as more traditionally masculine, likely through exposure to successful campaigns like “Built Ford Tough,” cultural intrigue in Ford’s auto racing history (Ford v Ferrari), and the industrial significance of Henry Ford’s inventio…
Toyota and MTV Celebrate the Universal Language of Music
Coming off the heels of a highly successful and splashy 2019 partnership, Velocity and Toyota were eager to make even bigger waves in 2020. But as the Coronavirus and national outcry over racial inequality swept the country, it became evident that a new strategic approach would be needed to break through to Toyota’s Millennial and Gen-Z target. Ho…
Trailblazing The Feed
The small SUV market is one of the hottest, most competitive areas in the automotive industry and Chevy needed to launch its new entry. The Chevy Trailblazer is a stylish, small SUV tailor-made to speak to a younger and more diverse demographic. To do this, Chevy offered the Trailblazer in two unique trims that appealed to two very different lifes…
“Spray the Dull Away”
Once the #1 brand in tire and wheel cleaning, Black Magic was facing a multi-year sales decline, even as the rest of the category was growing. It wasn’t an awareness problem: Research revealed that more category buyers knew, but rejected Black Magic than any other brand. With competitors outspending them $10 to $1, Black Magic needed a bold idea t…


AAA Membership - More Than Roadside Assistance
AAA is synonymous with Roadside Assistance. The organization was the first to introduce the service for stranded motorists over a century ago, and to this day, our tow trucks remain one of the most valued Membership features. When a global pandemic shuts everything down and encourages people to stay home, how does the 120-year-old brand pivot to convey t…
Audi 'The Drive'
At the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, Australians were on nation-wide lockdown, unable to physically enjoy a drive on the open road, and craving a break from the difficult news that was flooding their feeds. Audi wanted to offer some much-needed respite, reconnecting house-bound drivers with the freedom of a road trip, while keeping the brand top of mind.
MINI Making an Icon
Since its reintroduction to the US market in the early 2000s, MINI has evolved over three model generations into a higher-performance car, aimed at a more affluent buyer. Today, a base-level Cooper S (the brand’s iconic model) costs almost 25% more than it did at relaunch. Complicating matters, the brand also contends with perceptual issues related to maint…
Porsche x Star Wars: The Designer Alliance
A short time ago, in a galaxy not too far away… PORSCHE X STAR WARS: THE DESIGNER ALLIANCE. In an advertising galaxy awash with meaningless product placements DISGUISED as authentic partnerships, only two luminaries could join forces for a first-of-its-kind collaboration: PORSCHE & STAR WARS. For six weeks, designers from both entities worked together…
The 2020 TopGear.com Awards Premieres for the first time online
The TopGear.com Awards are an annual, invite-only, industry-focused event, celebrating the year’s best in the world of automotive. To receive a Top Gear award is to sit among a handful of the very best new cars on the planet. But, beyond a celebratory magazine issue and online coverage, our digital audiences have never been able to take part in the prize-gi…