4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Snapchatter of the Year

It can be tough to tell a story in such a short time, especially when that story only has a shelf life of 24 hours. That’s why these nominees are true masters of Snapchat, able to gather significant audience with their fleeting messages. These Snapchatters are helping to change the way we communicate and enjoy the app.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of social media in this space, enter the Best in Snapchat Industry Award.


Andy Burgess
Bristol, UK native Andy Burgess quit his job and moved to New York City to make Snapchat Stories on December 30, 2016. Throughout 2017 he did just that, creating daily cinematic videos in the hopes of someday making it big. Well, his dream came true only weeks later when Nasdaq broadcast Andy’s face and Snapchat handle on the big screen in Times...
Chrissy Teigen
Model, cookbook author, and Lip Sync Battle star Chrissy Teigen surprised the world on Snapchat this year by showing something more than people expected. No, we’re not talking about the wardrobe malfunction that let a little more slip out than she thought. Nor are we referring to the wry comedic side she displayed in her hilariously sarcastic ap...
Georgio Copter
Lebanese artist Georgio Bassil, aka Georgio.Copter, came into 2017 as the reigning Snapchat Artist of the Year from the 1st annual Ghosties Awards. While that fact alone should be reason enough to add him, it only takes one of his colorful stories to be convinced that it was the right decision. Georgio imagines a world where his “Copter Monsters...
Laura Perlongo
Laura Perlongo is much more than just a “former party girl turned baby mama”—especially on social media, where she works with media outlet ATTN: to bring enlightening content to fans all around the world via platforms like Snapchat and Facebook. In 2017, she became co-host of the show We Need To Talk, where she discusses dating and relationships...
Ross Smith
Ohio native Ross Smith gets his sense of humor from his grandmother—after all, she’s really the star of his most popular videos. Originally a Vine phenomenon, the funny familial duo are still cranking out content, with Grandma playing the straight man to Ross’s more manic persona. Of course, it’s always Grandma who gets the laughs, upending expe...


Amanda Cerny
Former Vine star, popular YouTuber, Actress, and bona fide Instagram sensation Amanda Cerny also happens to be the “Queen of Snapchat.” While she rose to social media stardom creating hilarious comedic sketches, the model’s snaps mostly document her glamorous life in Los Angeles. She bounces around the city, heading from fashion shoots to birthday parties...
Chris D'Elia
If you’re familiar with actor, writer, and comedian Chris D'Elia’s stand-up, you know he has a keen eye for observations, frequently performing bits about peculiar behaviors and awkward interactions that occur in his life. You may also know that he’s Justin Bieber’s favorite comic. That’s partially due to the fact that Chris joined Snapchat after he saw t...
Eva Longoria
Former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is no stranger to social media. She has millions of followers across platforms, and regularly entertains them with posts about her glamorous life. Many people catch a glimpse of her more candid moments on Snapchat, though she was caught off guard in April, after posting snaps of her vacation in Hawaii, when ev...
Geir Ove Pedersen, aka Geeohsnap, is one of the most popular creators on Snapchat. The illustrator draws fun doodles over candid pictures and videos he takes of people in his travels around the world—something he calls the Random People project. While he obscures their faces, he transforms everyday moments into hilarious scenes, a fact that helped him ave...
Kelly Oxford
It seems like Canadian-turned-Californian Kelly Oxford can do everything. It’s clear from the social media activist’s Twitter feed that she believes women can do anything—and she’s right—but Kelly makes most people’s talents pale in comparison to her own. In 2017 alone, the best-selling author released her second book of essays, When You Find Out the Worl...
Phil the Culture
Phil Calvert, aka Philwaukee, aka Phil The Culture, is a professional “Promoter of positivity.” It only takes a quick look at his smile-filled Snapchat stories to see how good he is at the job. Phil travels across the globe, immersing himself in new cultures and bringing authentic moments of understanding and joy to tens of thousands of Snapchat fans. In ...

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