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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Overall Facebook Presence

This category honors brands, organizations or institutions that use Facebook's native tools effectively. Unlike Best use of Facebook, this award is for a brand's year-round presence.

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NowThis: the no. 1 news & politics brand on Facebook
NowThis' objective on Facebook in 2017 was to develop and evolve the unique presence that it had built over the previous four years.NowThis was the first publisher to consistently pursue a strategy of engaging millennials on the platforms that they spend their time. And the brand was particularly successful with executing this approach on Facebook…
Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale - Overall Facebook Presence
Hulu partnered with GLOW to foster the burgeoning community for The Handmaid's Tale on Facebook to create a respectful space that allows for viewpoints across the political spectrum to convene and participate in a constructive dialogue around the show.
First Media, the Publisher Behind Your Favorite Digital Content
First Media is a leading publisher providing content for the savvy millennial woman. Comprised of several multi-platform brands, First Media's goal is to help women live happier, more fulfilled lives by saving them valuable time and money - and making them look cool, all at the same time. First Media consistently delivers high-quality, vira…
The Dodo: the no. 1 animal brand on Facebook
The Dodo is the #1 digital media brand in the world for animal people and the #1 animal brand on Facebook. We're a halo brand for everyone who loves animals, from people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates. We create fun, authentic, and meaningful content that not only entertains but makes people feel connect…
WWE on Facebook
The goal of WWE's presence on Facebook is to offer one location for a WWE fan's every need.If our Facebook followers want the latest exclusive backstage photos and news from John Cena, they can follow Cena's Facebook page for the best candid shots from Cena's Instagram and Twitter accounts, plus news, photos and videos from his latest matches.Want…


Ayala Land, Inc. and its Commitment to Sustainable Living
Ayala Land is the Philippines largest developer of sustainable estates. However, sustainability is a big concept that's not easy to understand or relate to. Even more so in a country where sustainability/sustainable living is not a priority for most people. Where taking selfies and spending hours on social media is a bigger priority for the average Filipino…
Best Overall Facebook Presence
IBM's Facebook page currently garners the highest engagement rates among B2B tech brands. We use Facebook as a place to share major news, posts that reflect our culture and brand, and our people. We work closely with our Facebook partners to understand what types of content are resonating, and areas where we can lead in innovation, such as ASMR videos and F…
MISS UNIVERSE®: A global community on Facebook
92 women. 3 hours of live competition. 1 crown. The MISS UNIVERSE® competition is one of the most anticipated cultural moments of the year, viewed by millions of people around the world in approximately 170 countries. During its 66th year, MISS UNIVERSE® welcomed more contestants than ever before, representing 92 countries including Iraq, Laos, Malta, and N…
TYT's "The Breakdown" on Facebook
Faced with a veritable barrage of round-the-clock news describing a world in a near-constant roil, today's online audiences are eager for content that breaks through the noise to distill the critical messages that expose the truth behind the headlines.This is the driving force behind TYT Network's "The Breakdown" segments on Facebook. Whether discussing the…
The Vitamin Shoppe Offers Healthy Lifestyle Inspiration Across Social Media
The Vitamin Shoppe is a leading health and wellness, specialty retailer and manufacturer of nutritional products. Since our inception, we have made it our mission to help our customers Thrive Every Day, by offering best in class solutions to help fuel their wellness journey.As a health and wellness authority with more than forty years in the specialty reta…