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First Media, the Publisher Behind Your Favorite Digital Content

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First Media is a leading publisher providing content for the savvy millennial woman. Comprised of several multi-platform brands, First Media's goal is to help women live happier, more fulfilled lives by saving them valuable time and money - and making them look cool, all at the same time.

First Media consistently delivers high-quality, viral content to young women and moms through its everyday, go-to entertainment outlets. The company's main brands - Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher - have all established massive, incredibly loyal female audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. These brands provide women with creative, surprising and wow-worthy hacks or ideas that make their lives easier and more fulfilled.

First Media provides the inspirational and cutting-edge material millennial women are hungry for. The company's social platforms have over 60 million total followers, over 2 billion monthly video views and 200 million people engaging with their content each month. Blossom and So Yummy are number 1 and 2 in the world in terms of video views per post on Facebook, and Blossom created the most viral video in Facebook's history. What's more? All of First Media's video views are 100% organic.

Strategy and Execution

While many of its competitors produce content for anyone and everyone, what makes First Media stand out is that they create content for a very specific audience - one that is female, savvy, dynamic and on top of their game. This means First Media's content is specifically tailored to suit women's lives and help them excel at whatever they do. Furthermore, each First Media platform helps millennial women improve a different, important, facet of their life:

In order to inspire as many millennial women as possible, First Media aims to ensure their content is highly visible. In order to maximize views, First Media prioritizes sharing. Before publishing content, the First Media team asks itself: What will be the driving force that will make people want to pass it on? Is this video helpful to others? Does it make the sharer feel avant-garde, innovative or tech savvy? Will it make the viewer laugh out loud? Does it have a "wow" factor?

For example, this Blossom video about organizational hacks received over 12 million shares, making it the #1 shared video on Facebook on record! The elements First Media included to ensure success were deliberate and strategic. Before creating the video, the First Media team asked: "What would motivate people to be eager to share this content?" These hacks make the sharer feel insightful and ahead of the game when it comes to innovative ways of organizing more efficiently. In other words, it makes them feel clever. It's fun to share material like this because it's interesting to watch. Each segment has a wow factor, which keeps the viewer engaged until the very end. And lastly, sharing something like this will not jeopardize the viewer's reputation. It's fun, entertaining and useful.

By studying its audiences and how they react to the content the company produces, First Media has unlocked the key to virality and can predict with 87% accuracy how well a video will perform before it is posted. First Media has never spent a penny on social ads, but its platforms have amassed 60 million fans across all social media, evidencing the efficacy of its viral formula and a deep connection with its target audience.


Since its creation, First Media has evolved as a content publisher and successfully produced content to simplify and improve millennial women's lives. Through years of testing and executing beauty, recipe, and DIY hacks videos, First Media has garnered continued organic growth, support and praise for each of its brands. Today, the company's 'for women, by women' videos are among the most shared and viewed posts on the internet.

Across all of its platforms, First Media has 60 million followers, over 900 million monthly video views and 100 million people engaging with its content each month. First Media produces and distributes the top viral videos on social media:

First Media initially set out to reach millennial women and improve their lives. Through its Blossom, So Yummy and Blusher brands, the company has successfully spread inspiration and helpful tips to hundreds of millions of women, providing them with the resources they need to be great.


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