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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

The Dodo: the no. 1 animal brand on Facebook

Finalist in Facebook Presence


The Dodo is the #1 digital media brand in the world for animal people and the #1 animal brand on Facebook. We're a halo brand for everyone who loves animals, from people who are obsessed with their pets all the way to committed animal advocates. We create fun, authentic, and meaningful content that not only entertains but makes people feel connected to animals and empowered to help where it's needed. We cater to a social, mobile-first audience and each piece of content is optimized to feel native to the platform it's on.

Over the past year, our Facebook audience has organically grown, more than tripling from 8M to over 26M followers across our main page, Dodo Impact (our advocacy-focused channel), El Dodo (our first non-English offering) and five Facebook Watch shows. Our Facebook presence consistently tops the Tubular leaderboards and in January 2018 we saw a massive 1.3 BILLION monthly views on the platform.

The Dodo's audience has grown as fast as it has because we reflect a mainstream, quickly-growing passion point, which is evidenced by The Dodo being the #1 most loved publisher on Facebook and the #1 U.S. Facebook page by engagements globally (Dec. 2017 via CrowdTangle).

Strategy and Execution

The Dodo is a media brand that leverages the viral potential of animal content, and connects it to a movement to make caring about animals a mainstream cause through highly engaging, inspirational content. Our goal is to entertain, make people feel connected to animals, make viewers feel good about the world, and have an impact.

With roughly 350 unique pieces of Facebook content created each month, we are the #1 animal brand on Facebook by video views and engagement. We reach 60 million people each day, and each of our videos receives 3.5M views and 215,000 engagement actions (of which 31,000 are shares), on average. The Dodo also has one of the most viewed videos on Facebook to date—our video of Kids Growing Up With Dogs has been viewed over 380M times (Source: Tubular).

These numbers are a reflection of our ability to deliver stories that are both inspiring and entertaining, coupled with our audience's appetite for feel-good, uplifting content in their Facebook feeds. We work hard to build an experience that is optimal for our Facebook fans and continue to evolve as the platform evolves.

Our audience is deeply engaged with our content—so much so that it often goes beyond likes, comments and shares. Our fans take action in response to the stories we tell: they sign petitions, write letters, donate money, and even adopt animals in need into their homes. The Dodo has played an important role in helping to make animal welfare a viral cause, and has built an inclusive community of animal lovers who want to make a difference. We've created a content brand connected to a progressive movement and are reaching hearts and minds across social media.

We took another step in our brand's evolution by developing original mid-form shows as a Facebook Watch launch partner. Watch affords us the opportunity to continue to tell the meaningful stories that we deliver for our millions of followers, while also giving us the opportunity to build new communities of deeply engaged audiences around our show pages. Our endeavors on Watch -- including Odd Couples, which amassed nearly 2M followers in just three months and Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, which has over 140M video views and over 164M minutes of watch time – have made us the #1 media publisher on Facebook's new platform.

With 35% of our existing audience living outside of the U.S., The Dodo also began to expand its international presence with the launch of, "El Dodo," which is the world's only Spanish language channel dedicated to animal content.



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