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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best Influencer & Celebrity YouTube Campaign

This award honors the best integration of an influencer, celebrity or ambassador as part of a campaign, project or video for YouTube.


Adorama's "Top Photographer with Nigel Barker"
When someone sees an impactful image, they are often left with questions. Who shot this? How did they do it? And most importantly, can I do it too? Adorama's "Top Photographer with Nigel Barker" set out to answer these questions, while showing photographers and consumers alike: You can be a Top Photographer. Inspired not only by the infiltration o…
Goodwill® Ambassadors
Goodwill® is made up of a network of 163 local organizations in the United States and Canada who collectively provide job placement and training opportunities, and other community-based services such as career counselling, financial education, and résumé preparation to people with disabilities and disadvantages, and anyone facing challenges to fin…
Nick Offerman's 'New Year's Eve'
• Drive consumer awareness and consideration of Lagavulin throughout the holiday season• Spark social conversation and engagement by leveraging talent and culturally relevant content• Support sales during a key selling window
Scott® Tube-Free Impact-FULL Crash with Roman Atwood
Scott® Tube-Free was challenged to create buzz for a product that had been in market for six years. Together, we partnered with YouTuber Roman Atwood to visualize the waste that toilet paper with a cardboard tube creates. Stunt-style videos dramatized the product's point of difference to catch the target audience's attention and show that even sma…
YouTube #voteIRL
Knowing that the US Presidential Election would be a major cultural moment in 2016 and that voter turnout had decreased to abysmal levels. YouTube wanted to help spark change and empower the voices of YouTubers & celebrities, along with the millennials who follow them.Only 1 in 3 millennials voted in 2012. In 2016, 50% of unregistered voters were …


2016's summer's European Championship saw UNIBET go head-to-head with the other giants of the category.A tournament this size, that generates this amount of excitement can make or break your year. But everybody knows this. So everybody goes BIG.They go BIG with their offers.They go BIG with their traditional media spend.And in the end, everybody's BIG TV sp…
Launching a new smartphone by strapping it to a 10’ rocket
As the creator of the first smartphone, Motorola has a storied history of innovation. But over time, the mobile industry has become stagnate. Determined to break the cycle, Moto shattered the industry paradigm with the launch of the Moto Z family and Moto Mods, firmly assuming their new role as a true challenger in the mobile space. Moto recognized the voic…
Nordstrom Rack x Kin Community 2016 Partnership
The objectives were to increase brand awareness amongst millennial female shoppers and position Nordstrom Rack's YouTube channel as a key destination for fashion inspiration.
PewDiePie - My New Car II
Introduced to the public in September 2016 at the Paris Motor Show, the new Nissan MICRA challenged the whole B-segment car classification. The new Nissan MICRA is not just a new model, it is a brand new car: new aggressive and assertive design, new personalization features and new mobility technologies. Audacious, dynamic and sporty are the 3 key adjective…
Tidy Cats - Stank Face
Pop quiz: If you make cat litter, what's the one thing, the single quality you need to be known for above all others? That's right, odor control! OK, but small problem…every other litter brand in the market passed that pop quiz, too. In the world of cat litter, everyone is striving toward the same goal. To raise the bar on the most important equity measure …
truth x Aaron's Animals
truth is a nationally recognized non-profit youth brand that combats smoking among teens.Smoking, as an issue, tends to be overshadowed by other teen concerns, like education, social justice and the environment. Messaging about smoking's long term effects like addiction, disease and death doesn't feel relevant to our teen audience, but smoking impacts peopl…