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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Vine Comedian

Thanks to these jokesters, you’re laughing for way more than six seconds every time they post a Vine. Their followers agree that their antics are the most on point, hysterical and sometimes downright ridiculous.

Brand entries using social media in this space can be found in the Best in Vine Shorty Award.


Aaron Doh
Aaron Doh prefers to make his Vines with his face up close and personal to the camera and using very animated expressions to create his loopy characters. He likes to make “silly Vines about random stuff to make you all laugh!" and describes himself as “immature AF," often poking fun at overzealous moms and idiot children. His audience likes his in…
Gabriel Gundacker
Gabriel Gundacker’s vines feature Gabriel playing a wide range of characters. His scathing commentary leaves no subsection of millennial humor untouched, jumping back and forth between politics, the YouTube/Instagram generation, 90s kids, and fandoms of all types. As a singer, he writes his own comedic songs, like his “I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfus…
J. Cyrus
New Orleans native/LA transplant Jeff Cyrus turned the speaking skills he’d developed earning a degree in broadcast journalism into a near-daily parade of comedic shorts on Vine. Almost always just his own face in front of the camera, the vines play like moving selfies, with several recurring characters—like Gene, the neighborhood garden associati…
Jamie Costa
Jamie Costa’s repertoire is as impressive and studied as it is vast, and this year his uncanny tribute to the many characters of the late Robin Williams went viral. His Vine account is a parade of varied and well-honed impersonations, nailing with impressive vocal dexterity not just certain actors but individual characters those actors have done, …


Ben Cahn
Ben Cahn has the ability to offend his Vine followers in six seconds or less with his wicked sense of humor. As the associate creative director at BuzzFeed, Ben has nearly 700k Vine followers and is known for remixing other Viners’ work and poking fun at them too, like his series of Ryan Mancuso “shreds"-style vines. His jokes often jab at lighter comedic f…
Christine Sydelko
While most would describe Christine Sydelko as a funny Vine personality, she describes herself as a “21 year old Croc enthusiast, wannabe comedian/writer" on her Twitter profile. She’s known for her awkward punchlines, slyly smart sarcasm, and shorts skits that often take a darker, more surreal turn very quickly. She has more than 350k followers who watch h…
Justin J. Russo
Justin J Russo started using Vine as a way to get back into drawing, and now “people think he’s f*cking funny." After becoming friends with other Vine comedians and taking a trip to New York, Justin became a bonafide Vine comedian with 61k followers. He’s often in his mom’s basement, throwing out curse words while coming up with funny sketches starring only…
Matt Post
With a series of vines filmed mainly in close up, Matt Post wants to get his frustrations out. His popular comedic Vine sketches, generating 650+ million loops and over 33K likes, often depict a frustrated man in a frustrating world, with freak-outs and multi-personality skits creating an almost Jekyll and Hyde persona. One video sketch depicts the confusio…
Miel is a verifiable one-woman show. Her vines, usually featuring extreme closeups of her own face, normally stick to surreal non-sequiturs, like shouting, “I’m a congenital twin," at a baseball game to get a rise out of her friends. Every so often she’ll do a series, like “He Wasn’t Jeffrey," an irate woman’s chronicle of her trip to Iceland, or “OMI Surfs…
Pastatute, aka Sydney Adams, is a college woman with a commentary on just about anything. She understands the woes of being a senior in college, and seems to be perpetually in the middle of finals week, saying meh to yoga and general adulting. She’s got a handle on impressions of OC socialites, YouTube beauty bloggers, and her drunk aunt Pearl. It’s obvious…

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