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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Matt Post

Nominated in Vine Comedian

About Matt Post

With a series of vines filmed mainly in close up, Matt Post wants to get his frustrations out. His popular comedic Vine sketches, generating 650+ million loops and over 33K likes, often depict a frustrated man in a frustrating world, with freak-outs and multi-personality skits creating an almost Jekyll and Hyde persona. One video sketch depicts the confusion and ensuing horror as Matt watches his friend drive past their destination. “A sloth in a rap battle" is a slow surreal challenge. Another, simply showing Matt underestimating the power of a hand dryer, has earned over 50K Facebook likes and 15K+ shares.

Matt Post's best work on social

https://vine.co/v/OlK10Dl29FH https://vine.co/v/eMbVnBFmlbU https://vine.co/v/eAJ6O5DEAYz https://vine.co/v/O0TQiAir6J0 https://vine.co/v/OxDAziZiF9e