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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in News and Media

This award recognizes the most effective use of digital and/or traditional media channels to disseminate news and information that will make the world a better place. Submissions for both coverage of specific news events and for overall performance will be accepted.

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#BlandDig (#GetInvolved)
Unfortunately Denmark tops all the lists when it comes to racism in Europe. Especially when it comes to islamophobia and anti-muslim rhetoric the situation is becoming very critical. The current right-wing government which would to US standards would be considered "Alt-right" is introducing new laws and regulations that are widely considered to be…
#Romanovs100: 4,000 photos. 4 social networks. 1 family.
The Romanovs were pioneers of photography — in the early 20th century they owned the world's first portable Kodak cameras and captured almost every meaningful event in their lives. On July 17, 1918, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas Romanov, was executed with his wife and five children by the Bolsheviks. To pay tribute to the family, w…
CBS News: the Uplift
At a time when the news is so often full of tragedies and politics are becoming more and more polarizing, CBS News has been shining a light on the fact that there is also a lot of good happening in the world every day. Through compelling, original social content, CBS News Digital's "The Uplift" social series highlights that at our cores, we are mo…
Columbia Global Reports
Most readers are curious and busy. Our books are for them.Columbia Global Reports is a new kind of book imprint out of Columbia University that's producing four to six ambitious works of journalism a year, each on a different underreported story in the world. We commission the best authors to do original, on-site reporting around the globe, with t…
Open Future
For 175 years The Economist has not only reported news, it has also championed ideas. We started in 1843 by arguing against Britain's Corn Laws, and have advocated free markets and open societies ever since. Over the years we have made the case for many controversial causes, from privatisation to drug legalisation and same-sex marriage. In doing s…