3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

The 11th Annual Shorty Awards will open for entries on October 22nd, 2018.

Best use of Comedy

This award honors the most creative and effective use of humor in a video supporting a social good campaign, initiative or project.


AFHU's Bubbe videos
Despite being founded by luminaries such as Einstein and Freud, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its U.S. fundraising partner, American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU), experienced low brand awareness with American audiences. Additionally, their loyal donor base was increasing in age and decreasing in size.AFHU needed to reinvent t...
Cook with Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul in the Breaking Bad RV
On the tenth anniversary of Breaking Bad's premiere, fans were hungry for content from the two iconic main characters, Walt and Jesse, played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The two stars were eager to leverage the momentum of the anniversary for good, and teamed up with Omaze to offer fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relive the Breaki...
Emilia Clarke Takes You Behind the Scenes of Game of Thrones to Support Royal College of Nursing
Emilia Clarke, the beloved Breaker of Chains from the highly acclaimed Game of Thrones series, saw an opportunity to leverage fan excitement around one of the most most highly anticipated series finales in history, for a good cause. Emilia was gearing up to be named the sole ambassador for Royal College of Nursing, and saw an opportunity to kic...
It's On Us is a non-profit initiative created by President Obama and Vice-President Biden to end sexual assault. A primary focus is to address the treatment of sexual assault victims – to create an environment in which survivors are supported. An insidious tactic often used to excuse sexual assault is victim-blaming (laying the blame on the vict...
The Cat Rap
Contrary to popular belief, cats don't have nine lives. In fact, for abandoned felines, defending their one life is a daily struggle—fighting off contagious diseases, parasite infestations, exposure, poisoning and attacks by predators.Of those lucky enough to end up in adoption shelters, nearly 1 million cats and kittens are euthanized each year...
The Rich Want to Keep You Dumb
Humor can catalyze the learning process of even the bleakest subjects. Casual audiences want to learn about the ways in which certain entities are trying to influence and coerce them, but without an entertaining presentation, many people – possibly most – can't bring themselves to undertake that learning. And when this obstacle blocks learning a...


About the Shorty Awards

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