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Special Project

Special Project

From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards Education

This award honors the most effective and creative use of social media and digital by educational institutions, programs and services. Objectives may include (but are not limited to) promoting enrollment and school spirit, engaging current students and thought leadership.

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Chicago's Citywide Preschool Recruitment
In 2021 Vera Creative was awarded the opportunity to lead the strategic communications and marketin…
bronze honor
Impossible Science
How do you encourage today’s youth to be curious and inspire wonder, specifically in the fields of …
audience honor
Kotex SheCan Initiative: The Menstruation Machines by Simone Giertz
Around the world, periods are often subject to secrecy, shame and stigma. And in turn, many lack th…
Manifest and Primrose Friends
Primrose Schools is an accredited early childhood education franchise. What differentiates Primrose…
McKinsey for Kids
The goal was to explain, in terms relatable to kids, what consultants actually do, while helping th…
Microsoft Education TikTok
We launched Microsoft EDU TikTok to engage a new and quickly growing teacher audience on the platfo…
The pandemic has pushed families to rethink and reset their vision for learning. Many are finding t…
Sésamo and the Launch of NASA's Perseverance Rover
Raise awareness and drive traffic to NASA’s first-ever Spanish-language broadcast of the Mars rover…
The Unignorable Notification
Duolingo is the world's largest free language learning app, with over 500 million users worldwide a…
Yiddish for Bagel
There were over 13 million Yiddish speakers before the Holocaust, but only 600,000 in 2021. Duoling…
gOD-Talk: A Black Millennials and Faith Special Edition Dinner Conversation--Dallas, TX
According to the 2020 Religious Landscape Survey by the Pew Research Center, American millennials—p…