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ZORYVE is a topical for plaque psoriasis (PsO), in 2023, it launched into a very crowded treatment market of generic topicals, oral, and biologic medications. ZORYVE is a once daily, steroid free topical that CAN help clear plaque psoriasis everywhere.  


Plaque psoriasis patients have been marketed to with campaigns focused on quality-of-life imagery and benefits. Yet, plaque psoriasis patients aren’t looking for a new life, they’re looking for clearer skin. In reality, most patients have normalized a frustrating topical steroid experience that is laborious and confusing. 


A fully integrated campaign sought to both acknowledge the patient’s frustrating realities while promising a clear and distinct benefit over their typical topical experience. Media, website, print and a broadcast campaign generated awareness in this very competitive space with a campaign aimed at helping patients imagine clear skin that they can see themselves in.  


The first task was bringing the branded launch to life with a full launch strategy and execution plan. The campaign was designed to drive awareness and engagement to have patients request ZORYVE from their dermatologist. The media campaign was highly targeted to the 1.1M patients that are diagnosed with plaque psoriasis. The broadcast campaign catches the eyes and ears of plaque psoriasis patients with arresting body images, authentic patient voices, and a custom soundtrack. The website was designed for the patients to understand what they could expect from ZORYVE and showed before and after pictures, an interactive discussion guide and enrollment to the savings card program. Thus, ensuring a great brand experience from beginning to end. In addition, to catch the attention of our patient audience the social media campaign reached them in daily online scrolling.   


The striking images of beautiful skin with psoriasis set ZORYVE apart from the current competitors. Accompanied by messaging detailing the topical that can to an audience routinely told that they can’t use their topicals as desired. Imagery focused on capturing the diversity of patient types treated and the broad range of areas they need to treat. ZORYVE is the topical that can clear skin across all these areas, and patients, safely, effectively, and simply. 


Our first task in developing a cohesive integrated campaign was to ensure the website was able to be informative and allowed patients to easily navigate the tools, resources and before and after images, along with sign up for the savings program. raises the patient's expectations of what they can get out of their topical treatment, ensuring an excellent brand experience from beginning to end. The website performance metrics showed success with 600K site sessions, and 29K sign-ups which is a tier 1 high value action (between Aug 2023 – Jan 2024).  


Our media campaign was designed to be highly targeted towards the diagnosed PsO patient and included Print, Social/Digital and Broadcast to drive brand awareness, consideration and utilization. The broadcast campaign delivered an 80% video completion rate, which is 20% over industry benchmarks, the engagement rate was 31%, and increased direct traffic sessions by 48% as well as increasing organic search by 33%. The digital media campaign included 86K landing page views with a click-through rate of 0.9%, which is over the industry benchmark of 0.5%-0.75%. 


The print campaign consisted of a patient brochure to inform and capture attention in-office and online. The brochure was delivered via the dermatologist's office and 20K were printed and delivered via the sales force. In addition, the brochure was also available via the website and 431 brochures have been downloaded.  


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AbelsonTaylor Group, Arcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc.


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