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ZORYVE. Effective. Everywhere. Easy. Pedestal Campaign

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ZORYVE is a topical for plaque psoriasis (PsO). In 2023, it launched into a very crowded treatment market of generic topicals, oral, and biologic medications. ZORYVE is a once daily, steroid free topical that can help clear plaque psoriasis everywhere, even in sensitive areas and skin folds. It’s a single topical that simplifies a patient’s daily PsO treatment regimen. This led to the concise headline “Effective. Everywhere. Easy.”  


HCPs had been long awaiting simple, steroid-free topical efficacy. ZORYVE stands up to patient expectations – which stands out to HCPs who remain focused on satisfying patients. ZORYVE, a topical to be admired, was put on a pedestal in campaign imagery to be remembered by patients and practitioners. 


This campaign was fully integrated and included media, a website, an IVA (interactive visual aid), and print materials to aid sales and generate awareness in this very competitive space.    


Before the full launch of the brand, an unbranded awareness campaign targeting HCPs was introduced. It asked them to rethink the topical space and the impact complex treatment regimens were having on their patients. Email addresses were collected to provide more information and eventually inform them of a new product for treating PsO. 


Once ZORYVE was approved, the branded pedestal campaign launched through multiple paid channels including search, social, display, and medical journal ads. Sales support and conference materials also featured the pedestal imagery and messaging. Many images focused on the patients’ reactions to ZORYVE’s elevated stature as they appreciated its unique formulation, efficacy, and trial data designed with clearance in mind. 


The HCP website raised the topical treatment experience to a new level. Quick-hitting data, before & after photos, and a video describing the cream formulation highlighted why ZORYVE is worthy of admiration. The site strategy focused on driving HCP engagement and sign-ups to raise brand awareness. 


Since the PsO topical space is so competitive, reaching the right audience was critical to the campaign’s success. Using targeted lists, carefully selected keywords, retargeting tactics, and programmatic campaigns helped drive users to the site with an engagement rate that exceeded industry benchmarks by 22%. 


Sales representatives were armed with both interactive and print visual aids to introduce healthcare providers to this groundbreaking treatment option, engaging them with data that maximized recall and brand awareness. 


The healthcare professional website was designed to introduce HCPs to the elevated topical simplicity of ZORYVE. Efficacy data relayed the treatment’s effectiveness and safety data communicated its long-term tolerability. Before and after photos showed results starting as early as 2 weeks.  


Between August 29, 2023, and January 14, 2024, the site had 140K sessions driven by paid media. The targeted users were highly engaged with the content – resulting in a 54% user engagement rate (exceeding benchmarks by 22%). 


As far as reaching the right audience, the ZORYVE media campaign had two to three times the CTR of industry benchmarks. And traffic from HCP-specific gated social sites Sermo and Doximity had a 30% website engagement rate. 


The interactive and print visual sales aids were impactful – maximizing recall and brand awareness. 92% of sales calls utilized up to 5 IVA slides. The core printed visual aid was supported with pedestal ads in medical journals, raising the overall ZORYVE brand presence.


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AbelsonTaylor Group, Arcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc.


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