4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The regular entry deadline is on August 28th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Parody Account

Although we know the various Twitter handles aren’t being run by their namesakes, we still love them for their dedication to the persona they envision themselves as and the way they connect through social.


Bros Being Basic
Seeing a #OOTD (outfit of the day) post in her Instagram feed, blogger Ashley Hesseltine of Witty + Pretty wondered what it would be like if “guys acted like girls on Instagram." With the help of her best friend and co-founder Travis May, Bros Being Basic was born. Soliciting help from their endless supply of attractive bro-friends, they decorat...
Kanye Doing Things
Kanye does a lot of things. He produces platinum records, collects Grammys, designs his Yeezy clothing line, and raises Kimye offspring. But on the days the self-proclaimed “greatest living rock star on the planet" isn’t making headlines, @KanyeDoingThings collects photos and video, culled from actual throwaway images, presenting Kanye as the “e...
Millennials of New York
"Millennials of New York," from Elite Daily writers Connor Tole and Alec MacDonald, is a comic spin-off of the popular blog and bestselling book Humans of New York. Where Humans takes portraits of people with real struggles and experiences, relaying the subjects’ harrowing stories in the descriptions, @millennials_of_newyork features images of N...
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes isn’t just the broodingly handsome Sheriff leading the living through millions of zombies on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, but he’s also an active (parody) Twitter account with over 214k followers. While Rick and his fellow survivors might not find joy or laughter throughout their dark days as the last living people on Earth, @Ri...
Bob’s Burgers made a star out of its fictional hopeless romantic teenager Tina Belcher. With this parody account, the animated middle-schooler is loud, proud, and awkward on social media, espousing on her complicated relationships with zombies, horses, boys, butts, and erotic fanfiction, an extension of the show’s own award-winning writing—"are ...


Guy In Your MFA
@GuyInYourMFA is the pretentious young man in your writing workshop, quoting Vonnegut, throwing condescending quips, bumming smokes, and waxing eloquent on how he’s “two rewrites away from the great American novel." When comedian Dana Jae Schwartz unveiled this alter-ego on Twitter, the literary citizens of social media united, amassing the fictional writ...
NYT Without Context
James Jewell shares New York Times articles with you. But only a few words from them. New York Times Minus Context is a viral feed presenting the Times in sentence fragments devoid of backstory. Conceived by Jewell in 2013, @NYTMinusContext amuses its Tumblr, Facebook, and 50,000 Twitter followers with tweets like, “Regularly indulge in doughnuts," “E plu...
Touted as “the only Instagram account you need to follow" by Gizmodo in 2015, the @satiregram comedy account pokes fun at the commonly mundane and cliché posts of the Instagram world. Snapshots of what appear to be handwritten post-it notes call out some cringe-worthy sentiments we’re all guilty of—“Look at my new pair of shoes," “Look at my plate of sush...
Socality Barbie
Socality Barbie is #blessed. The brainchild of Portlander Darby Cisneros, the fashionably dressed Barbie takes on the persona of an Instagram hipster, traipsing through the woods or striking yoga poses on the beach, with cliché inspirational sayings meant to poke fun at some ubiquitous images on the platform and discuss what it means to really be #authent...
lmao jack
Memes are fodder for lmao jack’s creative reinterpretation. Sourcing material from TV shows, pop culture, animation, and home videos, his vines are mashups of often recognizable clips that take absurd and sometimes dark or X-rated turns they never would’ve taken in the originals. He’s quick to include wipe-out vines, videos of kids, dogs, and all manners ...
@tldrwikipedia (Sorry Wikipedia. Too long; didn’t read.) is the internet encyclopedia’s compressed companion for those strapped for time, or bummed by lengthy prose without witty jabs. The “Condensed for your pleasure" Twitter/Tumblr has all the answers. Presidents Day? “An annual U.S. holiday honoring those in the market for a new mattress or car." Roman...

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