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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Guy In Your MFA

Nominated in Parody Account

About Guy In Your MFA

@GuyInYourMFA is the pretentious young man in your writing workshop, quoting Vonnegut, throwing condescending quips, bumming smokes, and waxing eloquent on how he’s “two rewrites away from the great American novel." When comedian Dana Jae Schwartz unveiled this alter-ego on Twitter, the literary citizens of social media united, amassing the fictional writer 70k followers, including Neil Gaiman who comically declined an offer to meet and talk shop with, “I’d be intimidated." While Dana’s agent shopped around a satire novel for Guy, she created another parody account @DystopianYA, to obtusely rail on the Divergent Trilogy, which has amassed 60k followers of its own.

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https://twitter.com/GuyInYourMFA/status/590609114352513024 https://twitter.com/GuyInYourMFA/status/596422174107402240 https://twitter.com/GuyInYourMFA/status/589903878298165248 https://twitter.com/GuyInYourMFA/status/582265051693785088 https://twitter.com/GuyInYourMFA/status/570802225326522368